Manage the needs of diverse user groups through centralized and flexible control

The synergistic diversity of its users is what creates a strong sense of community within a mixed-use development. This user diversity is also what complicates the effective management of a shared parking facility.

The traditional method of dealing with this complexity is to segregate a parking facility into nested areas – each with its own barrier gates. By contrast, a camera-based TKH Security smart-sensing automated parking guidance system (APGS) enables you to serve multiple user groups within a facility in a more transparent and organic way without the installation/maintenance costs of additional gates and partitions, nor the loss of valuable parking spaces in the process.

Data that empowers better decisions, including the negotiation of leases

Since each vehicle that parks in a Park Assist Solution monitored facility is identified through our integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, the core INX system keeps track of exactly who’s using your garage, how often, and when. As a result, you receive a complete and accurate picture of how much parking capacity is truly needed by the various tenants within a mixed-use facility. This unbiased data is invaluable when negotiating favorable parking leases and for making operational decisions across the board.

Maximize the flexibility of your facility and fine-tune allotments on the fly

The parking demands for a mixed-use facility can change from day to day, and even from hour to hour. As opposed to having rigid areas for various tenants and functions, the patented Park Assist APGS Solution smart-sensing parking system empowers to you to shift capacity among user groups as needed. This ensures ample spaces for commercial/business users during the workday and unlocks unused spaces on nights/weekends for increased retail activity and special events.

Key Features for Mixed Use Facilities

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Representative Projects:

Kustwerk Katwijk

Katwijk, Netherlands
Completed: 2013

Roosevelt Collection

Chicago, Illinois
Completed: 2013

Ernst & Young

Fig At 7th
Los Angeles, California

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