A partner who adds value to your project: With leading-edge guidance on multiple levels.

When you’re designing, engineering or advising, today’s sophisticated construction projects call for best-of-breed solutions at every turn.

Our advanced guidance-and-beyond solutions, driven by secure APIs and License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, seamlessly integrate with existing or planned installations of PARCS and other revenue management systems. With the ability to quickly scope out a field-proven solution at the RFP stage, Park Assist® also provides documentation and advice throughout the development process to ensure a successful project turnover.

A multifaceted system with core business intelligence.

For years, parking systems were expected to do just one thing: the tracking of empty spaces in order to provide parking guidance. By contrast, a Park Assist camera based smart-sensor system puts processing intelligence right at the parking-space level.

This is true for our revolutionary M4 smart-sensors, and also for our L4 lightpipe-sensors which provide next-generation guidance and ultra-efficient LED lighting in one powerful, multitasking system. With the actionable data gathered by either sensor-with-a-brain, operators can maximize space utilization and ROI, increase revenue, streamline costs and elevate the entire parker experience.

Maximized usage through next-generation guidance.
For new and existing facilities.

Without parking guidance technology, it’s common for parking spaces to go unused during high-occupancy periods. Since parkers are quickly and efficiently led to open spaces throughout a facility, our next-generation Park Assist guidance system is crucial for obtaining maximum usage per square foot. This can save millions in construction costs for a new facility. It can also postpone or eliminate the need to expand or replace an existing facility.


Expanded surveillance from a unique vantage point.

For occupancy monitoring and LPR-driven vehicle identification, our smart-sensors are installed above the driving lane. This gives them an obstructed view of the areas in and around the spaces. These areas, where undesirable events often take place, are typically uncovered by traditional surveillance systems.

With our Park Surveillance™ software extension, streaming video can be captured by the smart-sensor cameras whenever motion is detected in and around a space. Or continuously, if desired. This enables both our M4s and L4s to provide an expanded level of security and crime deterrence that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. The L4s also provide unprecedented visibility through heightened lightpipe illumination.

Streamlined design-conscious installation.
With no disruption and easy maintenance.

With competing systems, you need to shut down a facility for what is a complex installation. By contrast, a Park Assist smart-sensor system is quickly installed, section by section, with no disruption and minimal effect on operations.

Once installed, the core server continually searches the daisy-chained installation for compromised smart-sensors, sending an alert if even one of the sensors goes down. Signals will continue to pass downstream through the Ethernet switch for the compromised sensor until it is replaced – a process that takes just a few minutes. Upon power-up, the system is restored to full functionality.

99%+ accuracy:
Verified through precise global monitoring.

Our advanced camera based systems exhibit a 99%+ accuracy rate. In a Park Assist installation, the core system regularly gathers a smart-sensor image from every parking space across an entire site at designated times. Using the collected data from this high- speed verification process, Park Assist system analysts regularly provide the facility manager with a detailed report – proving the accuracy of the system in a tangible way.

Using sophisticated software algorithms, all Park Assist smart-sensors across the globe are regularly verified. This enables us to immediately discover sensor issues, often before the operator-in-charge does. And to provide Park Assist system owners with a real-time alert if even a single smart-sensor goes down — anywhere in the world.

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