A next-generation parking guidance platform: Light years ahead of the curve.

Park Assist’s focus on embedded business intelligence has not only produced a revolutionary approach to parking guidance technology. Our multifaceted smart-sensing system provides a level of game-changing capabilities — designed to maximize revenue and help minimize costs across a facility or multiple facilities — while treating parkers to advanced levels of convenience, assurance and satisfaction.

An unprecedented synergy of sensors, software and core intelligence.

Our development of the camera based smart-sensor is a significant achievement in itself. However, it is just one of a trio of enabling elements that comprise the Park Assist technology platform and ecosystem. This autonomous sensor-with-a-brain transmits rich data and streaming video to the cloud-based INX™ data-driven platform. INX then empowers an unprecedented level of real-time monitoring and analysis, via its interactive real-time dashboard that enhances operations and decision-making across the board.

Robust reporting and control: To increase revenues and streamline costs.

Park Assist has created a multifaceted guidance technology platform of exceptional power and scope by putting a brain into the sensor itself. Since our smart-sensors provide intelligence at the parking-space level, this enables INX to focus on the substantial data processing needed to produce a wealth of interactive and incisive reports.

This robust capability for real-time analysis and reporting, accessible through the highly intuitive and configurable INX online dashboard, is what truly sets our Park Assist platform apart. Managers can make on-the-fly adjustments to increase efficiency and profitability, analyze a facility’s performance over time — and take actions to heighten revenue, streamline expenses and boost profitability. All initiated by the proprietary camera based Park Assist guidance system.

Rapid deployment with no downtime:
For seamless, standards-based integration.

With competing systems, you need to shut down your facility for what is a complex installation. By contrast, a Park Assist smart-sensing system is quickly installed, section by section, with no disruption and minimal effect on day-to-day operations. The installed parking guidance system is seamlessly integrated via INX-driven APIs which can be leveraged by your current PARCS or other revenue management system. In addition, Park Assist mobile APIs and apps can be used to make your customer-facing features accessible across a wide range of smartphones and tablets.


Our leading-edge wayfinding continuum: The ultimate in sitewide guidance. With our customizable wayfinding signage, parkers are treated to a higher level of guidance and convenience from the moment they arrive — and can be installed at every key decision point. Using continually updated data from the smart-sensors, the INX data-driven platform provides the most current information on available spaces in each area of your facility. Enabling the clearly viewable smart-sensors to signal parkers quickly to open spaces.