The insight and control you need to heighten efficiency and profitability

Until Park Assist, parking systems were expected to do just one thing: the tracking of empty spaces in order to provide parking guidance. Since the introduction of our pioneering camera-based smart-sensing system — those expectations have changed dramatically.

The Park Assist solution smart-sensor cameras combine with integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) — and the data-driven insights of our INX platform — to monitor your facility 24/7. Our state-of-the-art parking guidance systems enable comprehensive tracking of building usage, reflecting peak times and demand fluctuations. By leveraging this data, we can help reduce the need for staffing, minimize expenses, and optimize garage utilization. As a result, you gain the depth and breadth of control it takes to ensure a streamlined and highly profitable operation.

Keep a finger on the pulse of your facility through built-in business intelligence

A Park Assist solution smart-sensing parking guidance system generates a wealth of continuous data on the behaviors, preferences, and usage patterns that affect your parking facility on a day-to-day basis.

This actionable real-time and historical data is fed to the core system of our multifaceted INX platform — and presented to operators via powerful, easy-to-use interactive data dashboards. The result is instantaneous, at-a-glance business intelligence you can use to consolidate costs and maximize efficiency. Examples of how this data can be leveraged to make better decisions include:

  • Analysis of facility usage patterns to help with control of lighting costs, strategies to improve space utilization, and off-peak scheduling for maintenance.
  • Historical analyses to determine seasonal and recurring trends for customer volume and revenue.
  • Capacity/utilization metrics to help plan for new construction or site expansion.

A fully scalable, multi-step approach to a data-driven solution

By choosing the Park Assist solution, you receive our unwavering dedication to innovation that ensures your system can be expanded and upgraded without needing hardware replacement.  Whenever possible, our software and hardware are meticulously designed to be backward compatible, providing dependable support throughout the lifespan of our equipment. This sustainable approach enables you to derive increasing value from our automated parking guidance system (APGS) year after year.

Moreover, when our customizable parking solutions are combined with the flexibility of our cloud-based INX platform, we can develop personalized feature packages tailored to your site’s specific needs. Our INX Premium Subscriptions offer access to additional functionalities within our data-driven ecosystem, such as advanced software modules that hone in on targeted business opportunities. Supporting you for the lifetime of your system, our focus on compatibility and longevity ensures a dependable and cost-effective parking solution for your enterprise.

99%+ accuracy: Verified through precise global monitoring

Our advanced M5 camera-based automated parking guidance system (APGS) exhibits a 99%+ accuracy rate. In a Park Assist solution installation, the data-driven INX platform regularly gathers a smart-sensor image from every parking space across an entire site at designated times. Using the collected data from this high-speed verification process, Park Assist solution system analysts regularly provide the facility manager with a detailed report – proving the accuracy of the system in a tangible way.

Using our sophisticated software algorithms, Park Assist solution smart-sensors across the globe are regularly verified by an internal monitoring process for continued optimal performance. The automated parking guidance system (APGS) can provide owners/managers with an alert if a sensor goes out of service – anywhere in the world.

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