Making the most out of your capacity while enhancing your image

A streamlined and finely-tuned parking facility offers a variety of benefits to a forward-thinking enterprise. A camera-based Park Assist Solution injects an added measure of business intelligence into this often overlooked element of your campus whether you’re looking to improve the performance of an existing structure — or looking to get the most value for your investment as part of a construction or expansion project.

Employees arrive to their desks quickly while maximizing every available space

Studies have shown that a parking guidance system can reduce time-to-park by 36% up to 63%.* Park Assist’s patented next-generation parking guidance technology is key to getting your operation ramped up quickly in order to kick-start a productive day. It also ensures optimum use of your facility by effortlessly guiding employees to every available space. For a growing company, this can reduce the need for expanded parking capacity in the immediate future and/or over the long term.

* According to a science-based benchmarking study on time-to-park conducted by Park Assist in collaboration with the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC). This groundbreaking before-and-after APGS analysis encompassed two parking facilities with a combined total of 7,903 individually M4-monitored bays. Click here to download our free whitepaper on the study.

Accurate allocation of parking capacity with the flexibility to adjust it on the fly

Leveraging our integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, the core intelligence of the INX data-driven platform helps to calculate, monitor, and enforce assigned parking for multiple divisions or tenants within a campus complex. Parking allocations can be changed at will to reflect the shifting needs of various dayparts or to reserve the most convenient spaces for visitors for an important on-campus event.

A streamlined smart parking solution minimizes the number of required spaces on a daily basis. For a sizable construction or expansion project, the significant cost savings are often enough to pay for the system itself.

Key Extensions for Corporate Campuses

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Case Study

Celgene | New Jersey, USA

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