Our advanced-technology vehicle locator is a game changer for your customers, quickly and efficiently helping them to find their vehicles

Gone are the days of lost cars

As long as the parking garage has existed, parkers have been misplacing their vehicles. In fact, in a survey by Insurance.com, 52% of parkers admitted instances of forgetting where they parked.* At best, the parker is anxious. At worst, the parker becomes anguished at the thought their vehicle may have been stolen. With our Park Finder system, parkers can easily find their car.

Park Finder: Our advanced-tech vehicle locator

With the Find Your Car locator feature in Park Finder, all a parker has to do is enter at least three numbers or letters from their license plate. In seconds, the core INX system searches the database of currently parked vehicles and identifies the parker’s car through integrated our integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR).

Available via the INX Standard Subscription or our CX+ multifaceted API package, there are three methods your parkers can use our Park Finder add-on software module with this invaluable smart parking guidance feature:

  • At Park Finder enabled pay stations for a PARCS or other revenue management system
  • Through touchscreen kiosks positioned at strategic locations
  • Via a smartphone app built to integrate seamlessly with our system

A future-proof competitive advantage

The superior parking guidance experience provided by Park Finder helps to enhance brand image, generate positive word-of-mouth, and encourage repeat visits. This powerful module is also future-proof: poised to integrate emerging advances such as step-by-step walking directions, smart-dashboard guidance to empty or reserved spaces, and readiness for driverless cars.

* Insurance.com 2014 survey of 2,000 drivers on Biggest Driving Embarrassments.

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