Keeping a watchful eye on your facility in a way other systems can’t

The process of keeping a watchful eye across a parking facility is a daunting task. The fact is, traditional security systems have a hard time getting unobstructed views where undesirable events can take place: in and between the parking spaces themselves.

The unique vantage point of Park Surveillance

In a standard Park Assist installation, smart-sensor cameras are already in place to identify vehicles and monitor occupancy in each parking space. With the addition of our Park Surveillance software extension, the smart-sensors capture streaming video whenever motion is detected in between or around a space. This can also be modified to provide continuous surveillance, an expanded level of security that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

Managing risk for facility owners and providing customers with peace-of-mind

The streaming video and transactional time data captured by the M5 cameras can be used in a variety of ways. It’s a powerful combination of evidence for scenarios where theft or assault has occurred, the ability to help protect owners and management against fraudulent claims of theft and vandalism, and potentially deter the intrusion of unwelcome visitors.

On the customer side, Park Surveillance provides an added measure of safety and security, giving parkers peace-of-mind of knowing their vehicles are being monitored during their entire stay in the parking space.

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