Our next-generation M5
smart-sensor system: Pushing the boundaries of parking technology.

Before introducing our camera-based smart sensing system, parking facility owners and operators only expected parking guidance systems to do just that: guidance. But, as the parking industry has evolved, more and more, they are turning to high tech offerings that help elevate the customer experience (CX), increase garage security and enhance the overall brand.

Utilizing the same ground-breaking technology that underpinned our previous generation of sensors, our new camera-based M5 smart-sensing system puts processing intelligence right at the parking-space level. Each individual sensor has the ability to stream video to a video management system, while also sending rich data to our visit tracking software.

Simple installation, unprecedented functionality, elegant design.

The streamlined layout of our smart parking installation is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. M5 smart-sensors with dual cameras are installed above the driving lane to monitor up to three spaces on each side. This unique vantage point provides the IP-based cameras with an unobstructed view of parked vehicles – while providing parkers with clear sight lines for easy guidance and navigation.

Built-in fault tolerances to ensure system integrity and reliability.

The continual dialogue between the intelligent M5 smart-sensors and the core system ensures overall reliability as well. The core server continually monitors the daisy-chained installation, sending notifications for any compromised sensor. Signals continue to pass downstream until the sensor error is resolved.

Each M5 sensor houses its own processing unit for vehicle detection and memory for data storage, so the M5 sensor will still continue to detect occupancy/vacancy, update its LED light bowl, and store parking data, even if a network or server interruption should occur. When connection is restored, the M5 sensors will then transmit stored data to the server.

Next-generation guidance at every key decision point.

Through the unique synergy of our camera based M5 smart-sensing system and customizable wayfinding signage, parkers are treated to a higher level of guidance and convenience from the moment they arrive – along with valuable follow-up guidance at every key decision point.

The M5 smart-sensor camera: The latest innovation in camera-based parking guidance.

Equipped with one or two CMOS digital cameras, each smart-sensor can monitor up to six (6) parking spaces simultaneously. Built into the M5 Smart-Sensor is a full spectrum RGB (LED) indicator which can be configured remotely to display thousands of colors to indicate occupancy status and parking space type. (i.e. regular, permitted, premium, handicapped, etc.) Poised for future advances via firmware upgrades along with expansion opportunities via a USB expansion port, its attractive housing has a seal rating of IP66, preventing the ingress of water and dirt from the advanced electronics.



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