Facility beyond all expectations: The multifaceted Park Assist Solution advantage

Before Park Assist, a parking guidance system was counted on to do only one thing: the tracking of empty spaces in order to provide parking guidance. With the advent of our camera based smart-sensing system in 2010, the industry was changed forever.

Since then, we’ve continued to improve and expand the multi-functional power and accuracy of this intelligence-driven solution. The actionable data gathered by our system-with-a-brain enables operators to maximize space utilization and ROI, increase revenue, streamline costs, enhance safety and security, and more.

Today, there are more reasons than ever for enterprises and organizations to leverage the core business intelligence of our revolutionary guidance-and-beyond technology. Key operational advantages, which span across the gamut of industries and genres, include:

Time-to-park reductions from 36% to 63%*

Through the combination of our advanced wayfinding signage and the bright signaling LEDs on our smart-sensors, the effect of Park Assist M4 smart-sensing PGS on average time-to-park (T2P) has shown to be:

  • A 36% reduction in T2P in the main car park for medium-term and long-term parking
  • A 50% reduction in T2P for primary entry levels servicing short-term parkers
  • A nearly 63% reduction in T2P for drivers parking in disabled bays – a time savings of typically 5 minutes per event

* According to a science-based benchmarking study on time-to-park conducted by Park Assist in collaboration with the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC). This groundbreaking before-and-after APGS analysis encompassed two parking facilities with a combined total of 7,903 individually M4-monitored bays. Click here to download our free whitepaper on the study.

Maximized usage through next-generation guidance for new and existing facilities

The absence of parking guidance technology often results in unused parking spaces during periods of high occupancy. To ensure all available spaces are utilized efficiently and promptly, Park Assist Solution’s next-generation automated parking guidance system (APGS) technology directs parkers to open spots throughout the facility, thereby optimizing the usage per square foot. This can save millions in construction costs for a new facility. It can also postpone or eliminate the need to expand or replace an existing facility.

99%+ accuracy: Verified through precise global monitoring

Our advanced M5 camera-based intelligent parking system exhibits a 99%+ accuracy rate. In a Park Assist Solution installation, the data-driven INX platform regularly gathers a smart-sensor image from every parking space across an entire site at designated times. Using the collected data from this high-speed verification process, Park Assist Solution analysts regularly provide the facility manager with a detailed report – proving the accuracy of the system in a tangible way.

Using our sophisticated software algorithms, Park Assist Solution’s patented smart-sensors across the globe are regularly verified by an internal monitoring process for continued optimal performance. The smart sensor system can provide owners/managers with an alert if a sensor goes out of service – anywhere in the world.

Expanded surveillance from a unique vantage point

While our smart-sensor cameras are already identifying vehicles and monitoring occupancy, our surveillance add-on software module can also capture streaming video whenever motion is detected in or around a space or continuously, if desired. An expanded level of security and crime deterrence that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

Streamlined design-conscious installation with no disruption to daily operations

With competing systems, you need to shut down your facility for what is a fairly complex installation. By contrast, a Park Assist Solution smart-sensing system is quickly installed, section by section, with no disruption and minimal effect on day-to-day operations.

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