INX is the cloud based software that provides parking garage owners and operators customized, real-time and historical, reports and dashboards on customer behavior in their parking garage


The core of our revolutionary data-driven smart parking ecosystem

The data acquisition and aggregation capabilities of our proprietary smart-sensing systems have led the industry since their introduction. Likewise, we have developed advanced wayfinding signage systems that greatly reduce time-to-park, while elevating the customer experience, maximizing parker satisfaction, and boosting brand loyalty.

With INX, we’ve created an entirely new platform from the ground up for the intelligent mining of actionable real-time system data. The result is highly detailed business intelligence that empowers faster and better management decisions across the board. The INX Standard Platform comes with every Park Assist Solution automated parking guidance system (APGS) installation.

Interactive real-time data dashboards

Immediate access to real-time data gives you the advantage of making decisive, strategic decisions on the fly based on the evolving conditions in your parking facility. Our highly intuitive INX dashboards are tailored to the specific needs of your operation to deliver robust, actionable data. Multiple data points readily available to parking management system operators, both real-time and historical, include:

  • Occupancy, dwell, turnover, and identification of unique visitor behavior
  • Live data from activity heatmaps, wayfinding signage, and specific facility regions
  • Isolated activity of individual vehicles, including duration and frequency of visits
  • Real-time site and environmental conditions that can affect parking volume: i.e. current/forecasted weather, traffic status in surrounding areas
  • Trend analysis, including the ability to compare live trends with historical performance
  • Additional comparative analyses

Incisive Reports

The actionable data generated by INX can be output and shared in a myriad of ways through its advanced reporting capabilities. Real-time reports, historical reports, and comparative analyses — exportable in a variety of widely-used file formats — can be customized to suit the needs of varied members within your executive and operations teams. INX users can also be subscribed to the reports that are most useful to them, which arrive automatically in their email inboxes.

Parkitect™ proprietary parking logic engine

The power to customize your automated parking guidance system to the precise needs of your facility.

Every parking facility has unique needs in terms of managing traffic flow, user groups, and overall operational efficiencies. Included as part of the INX Standard Platform, Parkitect is a proprietary logic engine that empowers you to customize your smart parking technology operations to suit each facility’s requirements. Examples include:

  • Creation of activities/workflows in your intelligent parking system using when-if-then-that logic
  • Customized tracking/notification for events, including alerts for specific personnel
  • Personalization of INX reports to the precise needs of operators and managers across your operation

The Parkitect logic engine is also your connection to add-on software modules, allowing you to take advantage of targeted business opportunities. These fully customizable add-ons include:

Park Finder. The industry’s breakthrough API-driven software with our original Find Your Car locator.

Park Alerts. Our API-driven functionality monitors and manages parking compliance and rules communication, and alerts operators to important client entries.

Additional INX add-on software modules, customizable via the Parkitect logic engine, are on the horizon for the near future. These include an array of system-wide and facility-specific functionalities, along with expanded integration opportunities with third-party systems.

Park Assistant™

A unified point of access for parking guidance, product support, and resources.

With a platform as sophisticated and multifaceted as INX, it’s crucial to provide operators with an expedient method to derive the answers they need — when they need them. Park Assistant is your go-to point of access.

The INX Standard Platform comes with a wealth of key information to ensure successful setup, and to help you extract maximum benefit from INX in your day-to-day operations. The support tools we provide via your private password protected Park Assistant portal include:

  • A collection of online FAQ-type help files to provide immediate answers for in-process questions
  • Detailed cut sheets and information on the core system and individual components
  • How-to guides to help operators execute key tasks and develop new capabilities for their ongoing work
  • Recorded video workshops that enable operators to view interactive sessions at their own pace, within their available timeframes
  • Access to our complete INX knowledgebase, including information on the extended functionalities in our INX Premium Subscriptions

Additional client support services, tailored for your region, are also included with our INX Standard Platform. Your designated approved team members will have the ability to create service requests, communicate directly with our Park Assist Solution support experts, and escalate urgent help requests. In all cases, INX will provide detailed service/support reporting including the original requests, mid-process communication threads, and resolution/verification notices.

Park Maps

A user-friendly configuration for floor plans, devices, and heatmap reports.

This module enables live access to real-time parking bay images/history/state, which allows users to configure floor plans easily to suit their facility’s needs. Park Maps’ additional features include:

  • Reports based on occupancy, health metrics, ticket history, and more
  • Support ticket access to report on any issues (bays, equipment) from the Map module
  • View/edit wayfinding signage
  • Change sensor lights on the map
  • View/edit regions on the map
  • Add/edit custom text bay identifiers
  • Previous state visualization – View event streaming overlays at any specific point in time
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