Automated alerts to help with enforcing policies. Or to recognize important people.

There are a variety of reasons you’d want to know that certain vehicles are occupying certain spaces. Coupled with INX’s ParkitectTM logic engine, available via an INX Standard Subscription and the Ops Command+ API package, our Park Alerts add-on software module taps into the integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology already built into the core Park Assist® parking guidance system — while enabling you to set automated rules and alerts that bring important events to your attention.

Policy enforcement and user group control without fixed barriers.

On the policy enforcement side, Park Alerts can make you aware:

  • When a known unwanted visitor pulls into one of your parking spaces
  • If staff members and employees are parking in restricted/premium spaces they should not be taking up
  • If a vehicle has overstayed in a limited-time space – such as a reserved space, a takeout space at a restaurant, or a time-restricted space in an urban setting
  • If a commuter is parking in your nearby shopping-mall garage, instead of in the designated transit station lot

Bringing attention to VIP and repeat customers.

Park Alerts can also be used to recognize VIPs and important customers who frequently park in your facility. By designating their license plates in your system database, you can receive instant alerts when these valuable parkers make a return visit. Singling them out for special treatment and/or customer appreciation promotions to reward their loyalty.