The green LED light on the bottom of this M5, a camera-based smart sensor that is the primary piece of an APGS, shows parkers a space is available.

Next-generation parking guidance: A premium parking experience

Parking can be a tool for building your brand, modernizing your business, and creating a memorable experience that keeps customers coming back.

For private enterprises and public facilities alike, the parking experience can be a crucial first impression on both new and returning visitors. With Park Assist solution’s innovative approach to parking guidance, you can minimize stress and uncertainty from the equation. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a seamless and hassle-free experience to each parker, from the moment they enter the facility to the moment they locate an open spot. By optimizing traffic flow throughout your property and beyond, our parking guidance technology not only enhances the overall customer experience but also helps to elevate your brand’s reputation as a modern and user-friendly destination.

The ultimate in facility-wide parking guidance

Through the unique synergy of our camera-based smart-sensing automated parking guidance system (APGS) and customizable wayfinding signage, parkers are treated to an unprecedented level of parking guidance and convenience. From the moment they arrive, to the moment they exit your facility.

  • Upon arrival, exterior and entry wayfinding signage show vacancy counts, helping parkers choose a facility and/or parking level.
  • After entering, interior wayfinding signage and directional in-aisle pointers provide follow-up parking guidance, helping parkers make on-the-spot decisions within a chosen level.
  • This is where our M5 smart-sensors take over — as their bright color-coded LEDs signal parkers quickly to open spaces. They can also be customized by color for VIP, ADA, etc parking options.
  • When parkers return to their vehicles, they can utilize our innovative Find Your Car locator, powered by the Park Finder software module for our INX data-driven ecosystem. This advanced technology enables parkers to effortlessly locate their parking spot using either an app or a kiosk.
  • The accessibility of our customer experience features can be extended further via our CX+ API package, available as a Premium Subscription.

A smart parking guidance solution to maximize revenue and profitability

By elevating the parker experience from end to end, the Park Assist solution helps you encourage repeat visits and build brand loyalty. By making sure every possible space in your garage is utilized, we help ensure maximum usage per square foot. This can save millions in construction costs for a new facility. It can also postpone or eliminate the need to expand or replace an existing facility. Plus, when your facility is ready for the next step, our automated parking guidance system (APGS) is primed for integration with the frictionless parking solution you choose, without interruptions.

Going beyond guidance to provide data-driven insights

Park Assist revolutionized the industry by introducing the camera-based smart sensor, which boasts a powerful brain virtually unmatched in the industry, for our automated parking guidance system. These autonomous sensors possess the remarkable capability of streaming high-definition images, video, and rich data directly to the core server for a myriad of purposes including surveillance. This includes real-time monitoring of occupancy, as well as integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) and detailed tracking of customer behaviors, preferences, and usage patterns. With LPR, operators can promptly identify and be notified when VIPs or banned persons enter the facility, enabling them to offer exceptional service and create memorable experiences.

This wealth of valuable data is turned into actionable intelligence and insights by our revolutionary INX data-driven platform. The most sophisticated and advanced platform the parking industry has ever seen, INX provides facility owners and operators with unprecedented system-wide control to:

  • Create new revenue opportunities
  • Streamline costs through operational efficiencies
  • Maximize performance and profitability
  • Improve safe and security sitewide
  • Protect against fraudulent theft and vandalism claims
  • Advance monitoring
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