A valuable differentiator for retail centers: With the power to drive repeat business.

In today’s highly competitive environment, owners/developers of retail shopping centers are continually searching for brand-differentiating opportunities to attract shoppers. With Park Assist®, advanced parking guidance technology is an economical way to elevate the guest experience, heighten brand image across a portfolio of properties, and capture powerful data to measure and maximize retail activity.

An invaluable window into parking behaviors:
For better usage, planning and maintenance.

The ease in which parkers can find a space upon arrival, and find their vehicles upon return, is just the first advantage of the camera based Park Assist smart-sensor system for parking guidance.

Empowered by our integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, the multifaceted Park Assist platform tracks a wealth of data – across multiple sites – on unique vehicle visits, parking usage patterns, evolving visit-frequency trends and more. Through the core business intelligence of our proprietary Park Assist Software Suite™, facility managers can access a diverse set of interactive and incisive reports to increase efficiency, streamline expenses, aid marketing/promotional efforts, and improve decision-making across the board.

The ability to reward customer loyalty.
While guarding against parking abuse.

Since every vehicle that parks in a Park Assist monitored facility is identified through LPR, the core system keeps track of exactly who’s using your garage, how often and when. This enables our Park Alerts™ software extension to automatically recognize and reward repeat visitors – for instance, by granting them access to VIP parking areas reserved for loyal customers.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Park Alerts can be also used to detect and monitor parking abuse. Automated notifications can help prevent non-customers from a nearby transit station from continually accessing your free parking. They can also quickly detect known threat vehicles, to enable quick response by security teams.


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Key Extensions for Retail

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Case Study

FIGat7th | California, USA

Representative Projects:

DFO Homebush

Sydney, Australia
Completed: 2013


Santiago, Chile
Completed: 2012


Delft, Netherlands
Completed: 2011

Wakefield Stratford City

London, England
Completed: 2011