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Intelligent parking. On so many levels.

Park Assist leads the way in customer-focused smart parking technology, constantly innovating with data-driven solutions. Our Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) is more than just guiding parkers to open spots. It’s about optimizing operations and enhancing the customer experience each step of the way.

  • Counting cars and attending to improperly parked vehicles is costly and time-intensive
  • The absence of surveillance can be a safety concern
  • Navigating expansive garages can be challenging and stressful
  • Customer’s high expectations can impact the bottom line
  • Lack of efficiency can lead to building a new parking structure

Facilities achieve maximum usage and revenue per square foot, improve security, and forecast activity using our patented, camera-based smart sensors. Clients gain the depth and breadth of control it takes to ensure a streamlined and cost effective operation. Parkers experience a seamless and stress free process. 

  • Camera-based solutions for guidance, rooftops, and surface lots
  • Intuitive software informs decision making, forecasts activity, and more
  • Real-time HD streaming video enhances security
  • Prime-time cost variability maximizes revenue
  • License plate recognition (LPR) technology locates vehicles
  • Cost savings and greater efficiency streamline operations
  • Elevate parker experience before they enter your building
  • Reduce time to park, up to 63% faster
  • Decision point real-time wayfinding guidance
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