Info from the get-go.
Options upon arrival.
Pointing to open spaces.
Helping to find your car.
Parking powered to the next level.

Intelligent parking. On so many levels.

Expanding our leadership in data-driven innovation, Park Assist continues to push the boundaries of guidance-and-beyond technologies in customer-centric ways. With us, a parking guidance system (PGS) is about much more than getting parkers to open spaces. It’s all about the customer experience (CX). As we enhance every step of the parker journey.

Elevating CX across the parker journey.

The robust actionable data gathered by our smart-sensing PGS solutions is really a means to an end. Our overarching focus is to activate that data in ways that help maximize customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. From the time the parkers leave their homes or offices, to the time they exit your car park for the next leg of their journeys.

Turning an ordinary event into a notable experience.

We lead the industry in customizing parking capabilities to serve the needs and preferences of each facility’s unique customer base. This includes seamless synchronization with services like reserved parking, concierge-level valet parking and loyalty programs for frequent parkers. Value-adds that keep customers coming back for more.

Perfecting the science of parker satisfaction.

The competitive advantage of an elevated CX is reason enough to install a Park Assist PGS. With our INX™ data-driven platform and ecosystem, we also provide tiered/premium parking solutions to glean more revenue. Frictionless strategies to reduce time-to-park and optimize capacity across your facility. And streamlining of operations to reduce costs and boost the bottom line.

The innovation hub for next-generation parking.

With our unwavering focus on data-driven CX enhancements, Park Assist is poised to play a key role in progressive first/last mile strategies on the horizon — expanding the depth and breadth by enabling frictionless transactions for parkers even further — as next-generation transportation ecosystems for smart cities take shape.

Parking Guidance Systems from Park Assist.

A camera based parking guidance system from Park Assist serves to reduce frustration for your parkers while providing a high tech experience.

Park Assist is a price sensitive manufacturer and provider of parking guidance system technology that competes with ultrasonic and other camera-based solutions with superior advanced technology. Park Assist systems drive greater performance, increased revenue, better efficiency, increased security, safety, an elevated parker experience and ROI. Our systems help to provide vehicle information to the operator in both parking garages and outdoor car parks. The markets we help include shopping and retail centers, mixed use facilities, airports, hospitals, casino and gaming facilities, colleges and universities, corporate campuses, citywide guidance, architects, consultants, engineers and parking system integrators.

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