Leveraging our proprietary smart-sensing technology: to open the possibilities even wider.

Up to now, parking guidance solutions for surface lots have been subpar at best. The new S1 Outdoor Surface Lot System from Park Assist® is an advanced camera based system built on our game-changing M-Series PGS technology — the “sensor with a brain” that revolutionized the industry through its embedded business intelligence.

Simply installed. Powerfully intelligent.

Whether it’s used to augment an existing indoor Park Assist smart-sensing system, or integrated with your existing outdoor camera surveillance systems, the outdoor installation of an S1 system is as simple as mounting cameras for a typical surveillance system. No more digging up asphalt to install low-tech inground bay sensors that simply detect yes/no occupancy.

The high-perched cameras in an S1 installation take an omniscient view to monitor multiple bays — collecting video and rich data that drives the core intelligence of the system.

Providing both sitewide guidance and advanced security.

Through the unique synergy of our camera based S1 smart-sensing system and customizable wayfinding signage, parkers are treated to a higher level of guidance and convenience from the moment they arrive — along with valuable follow-up guidance at key decision points. The base system can also be upgraded to add License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, enabling it to access some of the advanced technologies and add-ons empowered by our data-driven INX platform.

Since each parking bay is being monitored, the S1 System can function as a sitewide video security system. Acting as a constant visual deterrent to theft, vandalism and assaults. Giving parkers an added sense of safety.


Click here to download our brochure on the S1 outdoor surface lot