The world’s only patented camera-based PGS: Further validation for the technology we pioneered.

When we pioneered the first camera-based parking guidance system (PGS), Park Assist® literally revolutionized its industry sector. Now our M4 and M5 Smart-Sensor Systems for parking guidance and beyond have been awarded patents in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

The implications are significant. As we’ve said for some time, our innovative M4 and M5 technologies have truly redefined what a parking guidance system is expected to do. These patent awards are further validation of the unique and diverse benefits that form the business case for investing in Park Assist smart-sensor technology.

The following patents apply to the M4 and M5 Smart-Sensor Systems:

View our US Patent No. 9,594,956 and US Patent No. 11,232,301.                                                       View the cover page of our CA Patent No. 2798925.                                                                             View our UK Patent No. GB2494312 and UK Patent No.2535926.
View our AUS Patent No. 2011251660 and AUS Patent No. 2016256790.

The following patent(s) and/or patent application(s) apply to features under development:

View our US Patent No. 11,488,471.                                                                                                    Other Patents Pending.

In accordance with Section 154(d) and Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, the foregoing lists place the public on notice of patent pending rights and rights in the United States Patents.

The first PGS with core business intelligence.

The first sensor-with-a-brain with a dual-core processor, networks of M4 and M5 smart-sensors bring intelligent processing power to the parking-bay level. These networks of camera based sensors feeds robust data to the proprietary Park Assist platform – a standard feature of every installation – for advanced data aggregation and analysis.

Both for day-to-day operations and macro level decision-making, facility owners and operators rely on our patented system for the actionable data, predictive analytics and valuable insights they need to optimize their parking assets. These distinct advantages can be leveraged for a single facility or across a portfolio of properties.

A rich ecosystem of proprietary API-driven tools.

Another exclusive component of our now-patented system for guidance and beyond, is a rich ecosystem of API-driven add-ons. These stable, secure and readily integrated APIs are created by Park Assist to provide distinct business advantages for parkers, owners and operators alike. In addition to the overarching capabilities provided by our proprietary mobile technology platform, these APIs include:

Park Finder™ Our advanced-tech Find Your Car™ locator plus walking directions and smart-dashboard guidance.
Park Alerts™ Policy enforcement via automated alerts and user-group control, without fixed barriers.
Park SelectRate™ Institutes conditional pricing to create revenue opportunities: without expensive gate systems or loss of spaces.
Park Surveillance™ Provides expanded security from a unique vantage point: an unobstructed view of the spaces themselves.

Already proven. Always innovating.

In addition to the massive investments we’ve made in terms of R&D and technology enhancements, the Park Assist M4 and M5 Smart-Sensor Systems have been field-proven in prominent installations across 41 countries and counting. Our mission to continually improve the system is focused on providing the best possible technology to elevate the parker experience – while empowering operators to maximize efficiency, performance and profitability.

Park Assist takes great pride in the fact our M4 and M5 Smart-Sensor Systems are now the world’s only patented camera-based solution for parking guidance and beyond. These exclusive patents are an additional proprietary advantage we will vigorously leverage and expand on in our continual quest for innovation – as we continue to anticipate and address the most promising opportunities on the horizon for our customers.

The world’s only patented camera-based parking guidance system.

The award of US patents, a CA patent, UK patents, and AUS patents for the Park Assist M4 and M5 Smart-Sensor Systems are further validation for the camera-based parking guidance solution we pioneered. Our Smart-Sensor System has been field-proven in prominent installations across 41 countries, and in the world’s most challenging climates and environments. These industry-leading solutions for parking garages help owners and operators of parking facilities and portfolios to maximize performance and ROI, increase revenue, heighten efficiency, and increase security and safety – all while providing a superior parker experience that increases brand awareness, customer loyalty, and repeat business.

Increase efficiency, performance, and customer loyalty for your parking garage. Learn more about the patented Park Assist camera based parking guidance system.

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