Our seamless wayfinding continuum: The ultimate in sitewide parking guidance.

The quality and customer-friendliness of a parking facility are often overlooked for many properties. However, the parking experience can be used to elevate the first impression for valued guests and visitors, to set their expectations for the remainder of the visit, and to enhance a property’s overall brand-building strategy.

The Park Assist® approach to parking guidance technology is to remove all stress and uncertainty from the process. The overarching goal is to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for each parker— from initial entry to an open space — while improving overall traffic flow through a facility or a set of facilities.

Next-generation guidance at every key decision point.

Through the unique synergy of our camera based smart-sensor system and customizable wayfinding signage, parkers are treated to a higher level of guidance and convenience from the moment they arrive — along with valuable follow-up guidance at every key decision point.

Signs upon arrival: For properties with multiple parking areas, a multi-facility sign announces the number of available spaces at each garage or lot. This continually updated guidance information enables parkers to decide on the best facility to park in at any given moment.

Secondary signage within a chosen garage: Once a parker has decided to park in a specific garage, a dedicated monument sign displays the number of available spaces on each level.

Directional interior in-aisle pointers. Once a parker has committed to searching for a space on a particular level, these guidance signs enable a parker to make on-the-spot decisions (left, right or straight) based on the number of available spaces.

Signaling color-coded LEDs on the smart-sensors. This is where the smart-sensors – which have been providing up-to-the-second occupancy data to the core system all along – really kick in to finish the wayfinding process. In addition to the green (open) and red (occupied), these bright, clearly viewable LED indicators can be programmed to display thousands of colors to denote special-purpose spaces – i.e. blue for handicapped, purple for premium, and so forth.

Our optional Park Finder™ car location module. The industry’s breakthrough software with our original Find Your Car™ locator, Park Finder completes the parking guidance system loop. Available via an INX™ Standard Subscription and our CX+ API package, this add-on software module enables returning parkers to find the exact location of their vehicles upon exit by simply typing in the license plate number — and/or when inserting their parking tickets at a Park Finder enabled pay station. The Park Finder module has been completely revamped to take full advantage of the exceptional integration capabilities of INX.

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