Smart parking technology to increase efficiency and maximize revenue in your parking garage

Parking technology far beyond guidance: With core business intelligence.

When we entered the parking technology field back in 2005, the industry was solely about guidance systems. For many of our competitors, it still is.

Park Assist had a different view of its mission from Day One. We envisioned ourselves as a business intelligence company. In 2010, Park Assist pioneered the industry’s first camera-based system for parking guidance. And over the past decade, we’ve become the industry’s recognized technology leader, with successful installations spanning more than 45 countries.

Intelligent solutions with extraordinary vision

Empowered by our revolutionary INX data-driven platform, Park Assist solution’s camera-based smart-sensing automated parking guidance system (APGS) has the core business intelligence to deliver new revenue opportunities, operational efficiencies to streamline costs, and extended levels of monitoring and security, along with an unparalleled end-to-end parker experience.

Explore the sections linked on this page to learn more about the multifaceted benefits of our smart-sensing guidance solutions. At TKH Security, business intelligence is more than a concept, and parking technology is about far more than guidance.

Unmatched global reach: Across 45 countries and counting. As our portfolio of successes continues to grow, our multifaceted Park Assist solution installations are maximizing revenue, efficiency, and profitability for companies in diverse industries worldwide.

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