An AI incorporated smart counting solution

The C5 solution utilizes camera-based technology to detect vehicles entering and leaving specific areas of a parking garage.  It employs an internally developed advanced AI algorithm to count the vehicles accurately and transmits the data to Park Assist Solution software to display the counts on signs and in the INX platform.  A key advantage of the C5 solution is its unique ability to remotely audit the counts using the camera’s video feed, a feature not available in other counting technologies. Plus, it offers a clean and visually appealing design with a single camera mounted discretely overhead with no sloppy marks on the ground or big obtrusive ultrasonic bars.

C5 Smart Counting Solution video feed, minus the vehicle tagging software overlay

First to market with AI camera based

Compared to other counting systems that are easily fooled by factors such as a person pushing a cart or a group of people walking through, the C5 smart counting solution employs advanced Artificial Intelligence to detect vehicles accurately. In addition, its sophisticated technology can even account for environmental changes that may fool other count systems.

Multi-lane monitoring with one camera

In contrast to traditional loop or ultrasonic counting systems that require separate hardware to be installed in each lane to capture vehicle movements, the C5 solution uses a fisheye camera to monitor two adjacent lanes. This innovative design reduces the chances of missed counts and eliminates double counts, resulting in highly accurate vehicle detection.  The C5 smart counting solution can accurately detect vehicles traveling in either one or two lanes including vehicles driving down the center.

Accurately detect bidirectional traffic

The C5 solution is a powerful solution for accurate vehicle detection and counting in your parking facility. With its advanced AI technology, the solution can easily determine a vehicle’s travel direction and count cars entering or exiting a specific region, even with two cars traveling in opposite directions simultaneously. Additionally, the C5 software can accurately count separate vehicles in bumper-to-bumper traffic without the need for delineators. This means the C5 solution can accurately monitor traffic flow using only one camera, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for parking garages, surface lots, and other high-traffic areas.

Verified accuracy through precise global monitoring

Our advanced camera-based solutions exhibit the highest possible accuracy rate for a count solution. In a Park Assist Solution installation, the data-driven INX platform regularly collects video from different times to verify the count events are being counted correctly across an entire site. Using the collected data from this high-speed verification process, the Park Assist solution analysts regularly provide the facility manager with a detailed report – proving the accuracy of the solution in a tangible way.

Using our sophisticated software algorithms, our parking guidance smart-sensors across the globe are regularly verified by an internal monitoring process for continued optimal performance. The Park Assist solution can provide owners/managers with an alert if a sensor goes out of service – anywhere in the world.

Seamless and quick installation

The C5 smart counting solution is designed to leverage the benefits of modern camera technology, including a simple Power over Ethernet (PoE) installation. This feature enables the camera to be installed using only a single Ethernet cable to connect it to a network switch, reducing installation costs and faster installations. Unlike other installation methods, such as concrete cutting and ultrasonic bar leveling, the C5 solution requires no tedious leveling process. This quick implementation results in live, usable products and services with minimal disruption to daily on-site operations and a shorter install prep timeline. Additionally, the C5 solution requires fewer components, resulting in a cleaner appearance and reducing the risk of damage to post-tension cabling.


Using cameras allows the solution to be easily audited and improved over time. Unlike loops or ultrasonic systems, the C5 smart counting solution can store video, allowing the TKH Security team to audit the solution to look for atypical events that may not have been counted accurately. Once identified, the solution can be updated to count those events in the future accurately. This is impossible with loops or ultrasonic systems.

Improved operations

Our C5 smart counting solution outperforms non-camera-based systems, such as loop-based and ultrasonic systems, by improving operations in several ways. Firstly, it reduces maintenance costs significantly as the C5 only requires periodic cleaning of the camera lens. Weather or debris does not impact the cameras, and parts can be replaced easily without the need to pause service, ensuring continuous monitoring and data collection.

Secondly, the C5 offers improved count accuracy without sacrificing parking space. The solution can monitor an entire aisle, including parking spaces beside it where vehicles occasionally drive through. In contrast, loop and ultrasonic systems require these bays to be closed permanently, forcing all traffic through the monitored areas. This restriction can lead to increased congestion and reduced parking capacity.

Additionally, our C5 is a 100% IP-based solution that uses standards-compliant IP network protocols. This approach simplifies the processes of installation, maintenance, security, and troubleshooting. Moreover, the solution can easily connect to a client-provided network if required, allowing seamless integration into existing parking management systems.

Effortlessly integrated

Our solution easily connects to other Park Assist automated parking guidance system (APGS) product and service offerings and can be integrated with:

Zero decibel equipment

In contrast to ultrasonic systems that produce continuous ticking noises, the C5 smart counting solution operates silently and does not generate any noise.

Easy-to-use remote monitoring

The C5 solution provides a comprehensive suite of smart parking features designed to simplify the monitoring and management of premises. Its remote monitoring feature allows users to monitor their property from anywhere, while the INX system provides up-to-the-minute occupancy information. The accuracy report feature ensures the system delivers reliable data, and the traffic volume tracking feature offers insights into customer behavior. Finally, the occupancy reports feature provides detailed information on the number of people in each area, enabling more effective management of the premises.

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