Using INX owners and operators can learn customer behavior in real-time and with historical reports, increasing efficiency and streamlining operations

Unleashing the true power of camera-based APGS


Since the day we invented camera-based automated parking guidance system (APGS) technology, we’ve been on a continual quest to elevate its capabilities to new levels. The cloud-based INX platform is our latest landmark achievement. Our INX platform is the most sophisticated and advanced data-driven functionality the parking industry has ever seen. Developed by Park Assist Solution data scientists in response to what our clients wanted most, INX is a game-changer in the smart parking technology space.

A quantum leap for data-driven parking guidance

Building on our previous pioneering software platform, INX is designed to provide you with unprecedented data-driven performance at every turn. This includes the ability to stream data into your own platforms in real-time and view it immediately via customized reports and dashboards to respond effectively in the moment.

A powerful real-time data engine to drive quicker and better decisions

Through our totally revamped set of powerful software modules, INX enables owners and operators to achieve even greater operational efficiencies, further elevate the customer experience, and drive new revenue opportunities, which positions them to access exciting new functionalities such as reservations, premium parking, and customer loyalty programs in real time.

Our revolutionary INX ecosystem

The true power of the INX cloud-based platform originates from its innovative infrastructure-hub design. All of the elements an owner or operator could need to heighten customer parking experience, efficiency, and profitability are strategically interconnected. The core expandability of INX also enables limitless integration opportunities for expanded functionalities that work with the continually evolving universe of third-party solutions.

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