Unprecedented integration of multiple platforms: Enabling next-gen parking operations.

As a parking operation evolves, it assimilates new capabilities and features. This in turn adds new layers of disparate technology – often from multiple vendors – to the operational mix.


FlinQ integration technology seamlessly unites diverse platforms into a single, powerful command-center UI. Platforms that can be integrated include:

  • Parking Guidance
  • CCTV
  • Intercom
  • Building Automation
  • Access Control

On its own, each of these operational components has a certain intrinsic value. With the addition of FlinQ integration technology, the synergy of the aggregate system becomes far more powerful than the sum of its parts.

A single, highly intuitive interface:
For uniform centralized control.

Beginning in 2006 as a modest integration technology, the mission of FlinQ was to build operational bridges between command center users and parking hosts. Over the past decade, FlinQ has evolved into the independent VDI-ready integration platform it is today.

Providing real-time visibility of all networked devices, FlinQ enables operators to respond instantaneously to key system events, optimize overall system efficiency, and enhance cost control and profitability across a facility or portfolio of facilities.

The flexibility to choose from multiple vendors:
Through seamless multi-platform integration.

FlinQ is a brand independent open architecture providing the freedom to mix and match systems from multiple vendors. Its single integrated dashboard provides users with a consistent control experience across diverse applications and platforms. Available with 2D and Dynamic 2D GUIs, FlinQ is also pre-engineered for customization through configuration without the need for extensive modifications and development.