The centralized control you’ve always envisioned.

As a parking operation evolves, new layers of disparate technology – often from multiple vendors – are added to the operational mix. Our FlinQ command center UI seamlessly integrates these diverse platforms into a streamlined and scalable vendor-agnostic system. The result is a robust event-driven system for remote situational awareness and rapid response – already proven across hundreds of installations. To enable maximum efficiency and performance across the board.


FlinQ integration technology seamlessly unites diverse platforms into a single, powerful command-center UI. Platforms that can be integrated include:

  • Parking Guidance
  • CCTV
  • Intercom
  • Building Automation
  • Access Control
  • Fire Protection
  • Lighting Systems

On its own, each of these operational components has a certain intrinsic value. With the addition of FlinQ integration technology, the synergy of the aggregate system becomes far more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Streamlining operations and associated costs.

With FlinQ, site staff can proactively analyze and act on portfolio-wide data. Its remote command center UI provides a single intuitive GUI/platform for centralized analysis, reporting and control. Through intrinsic management by exception, event-driven alerts effectively empower rapid site-issue response – along with strategies for building automation and predictive maintenance.

The foundation for next-generation, front-end service.

While leveraging economies of scale, a parking portfolio needs to provide a responsive customer service experience. With its embedded business intelligence, FlinQ’s automated command center effectively resolves remote onsite issues without physical intervention, while minimizing staff/ training costs. A single operator can manage multiple facilities from a central control point. With the freedom to focus on adding customer value.

A key component of our ParkHQ technology suite.

FlinQ is ready to serve as your virtual eyes and ears for centralized data analysis, monitoring, response and control. Contact us today to explore the benefits it can bring to your portfolio.