Add-on software modules for targeted business opportunities.

The new INX platform is engineered to seamlessly interface with the advanced add-ons that have already positioned Park Assist as the PGS innovation leader. Designed to take full advantage of the exceptional integration capabilities of INX, Park Assist continues to develop software modules to create additional opportunities for elevating CX and customer loyalty, greater efficiencies and cost control, and maximizing revenue/profitability.


  • Access real-time parker experience data on drivers who are entering and exiting
  • Analyze heatmaps to determine where pain points in the parker journey are occurring
  • Create strategies for frictionless parking to reduce congestion and enhance CX.


  • Measure and track the efficiency of each individual exit
  • Track the number of drivers utilizing each exit
  • Add additional signage where necessary to help guide customers to the most efficient exit
  • Identify and correct, in real-time, operational inefficiencies that are increasing the parker’s time2exit

Customer Satisfaction Tracking (Coming soon)

  • Monitor how your customers feel about your garage in real time.
  • Compare satisfaction levels over time as you implement new initiatives to enhance the parker journey.

Predictive Analytics (Coming soon)

  • Informed decision-making for tiered parking strategies and traffic flow.
  • More sophisticated mapping: enabling you to adjust to usage dynamics in real time.
  • Notate the recorded events in your facility for easy historical comparisons.
  • Get advanced insights to forecast next-day and future activity.
  • Take advantage of dynamic pricing opportunities.

ParkView™ (Coming soon)

  • Next-generation video monitoring with multiple real-time views.
  • Wide range of video and recording options including live streaming, video on demand — motion, noise and object detection — and download/export for in-depth analysis.
  • Search and view video associated with garage events based on mapped location, time/event, license plate, motion or audio – without leaving your desk.
  • Mine video captures for both surveillance and parker preference/behavior insights.

Park Reserve™ (Coming soon)

  • Enable drivers to book and pay for parking in advance with our white-label solution, which is easily embedded into your website
  • Integrate reservations into your existing PARCS system for an end-to-end solution. Or simply add this in parallel for a solution with very low barrier to entry
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