Sharing the core intelligence of our platform: An invaluable partner for third-party providers.

Park Assist® regularly collaborates with third-party solution providers to create mutually beneficial relationships. Whether you’re a revenue control provider, mobile app developer, wayfinding kiosk manufacturer – or a supplier of other parking services – the resulting synergy can be a powerful tool for both business development and product advancement.

Our guidance-and-beyond solutions, driven by secure APIs and License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing or planned installations of PARCS and other revenue management systems. With the ability to quickly scope out a field-proven solution at the RFP stage, Park Assist also provides documentation and advice throughout the development process to ensure a successful outcome.

Instant sharing of parking availability data.
For a universe of systems and devices.

Across a variety of industries, there is growing demand for intelligent parking solutions for guidance, revenue and control. The data gathered by our camera based smart-sensors is enriched with the embedded business intelligence of both our core system and our proprietary suite of software extensions. In turn, our technology platform provides sophisticated REST application programming interfaces (APIs) to readily share the benefits of this data across a variety of parking guidance system channels – including digital signage, snippet/widget embeds on a webpage, and mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.

A dynamic capacity for premium and conditional pricing.

In certain markets, such as airports and hospitality properties, the ability to boost revenue through automated premium pricing strategies is a major advantage. With our Park SelectRate™ software extension, this is now accomplished without the need for expensive gate systems or loss of spaces. Within the core system, parking facility operators can easily designate spaces for premium pricing based on proximity to an entrance, day of the week, time-of-day and other factors.

In other scenarios, such as a mixed use parking facility, Park SelectRate can be used to set different rates for different types of tenants and guests. For instance, a developer can automatically provide discounted or free parking to drive retail traffic – while keeping other pricing structures intact. This is actually a key advantage for attracting desirable anchor tenants in today’s highly competitive retail environment.

Maximizing satisfaction and retention with Park Finder™.

A recent survey by found 52% of drivers admit instances of forgetting where they parked.* The addition of the Park Finder software extension solves this problem through our exclusive Find Your Car™ vehicle locator feature. In seconds, the core Park Assist system scours a database of currently parked vehicles – which were identified through our integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) when they entered a space.

There are three potential ways a parker can access this invaluable customer-centric feature:

  • When entering his/her ticket at a pay station in your facility
  • By typing the license plate number into a touchscreen kiosk
  • Via a smartphone app that uses our APIs to integrate with a PARCS or other revenue management system

Contact us to begin a dialogue.

When you partner with Park Assist, the effect is more than additive. It’s transformative. And we always welcome the opportunity to discuss partnering opportunities with forward thinking third-party providers serving the parking industry.

For more information about our integration capabilities — or about any of the guidance-and-beyond capabilities detailed on this website — email us at

* 2014 survey of 2,000 drivers on Biggest Driving Embarrassments.

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