Pittsburgh airport to install parking guidance system

Pittsburgh International Airport to Boost Passenger Experience with Advanced Parking Guidance System

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Cheshire, CT – July 9, 2024 – When the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) announced its Terminal Modernization Program (TMP), the airport set its sights on an ambitious goal – to better serve passengers and provide a faster and more efficient and enjoyable experience at the airport, even before they enter the building or board a flight. To accomplish this feat, PIT is constructing a new 800,000+ square foot terminal as well as a multi-modal complex for parking and transportation to and from the airport, that includes a significant economic impact on the region too. Already receiving high praises for their efforts, PIT is reshaping the transportation industry, earning second place on Fast Company’s 2024 list of most innovative transportation companies.

With passengers at the heart of PIT’s focus, this same level of forethought can also be seen in the design of the new parking garage, where TKH Security will soon install their Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS). This state-of-the-art system will monitor 2,400 covered parking spaces and 865 rooftop spaces, reducing time to park for passengers and enhancing their safety.

“PIT selected us because our technology was the best fit for the design, functionality, and goals of the airport. And they found a sense of confidence in our extensive experience working with many airports across the country, along with our dedicated project management and design services,” said Coley Nash, Regional Sales Executive, Northeast. “We’re excited to partner with all those involved in the project, including: Watry Design, Turner Construction Company, and Wellington Power, to work for the Allegheny County Airport Authority. It has been an amazing opportunity to collaborate and deliver a solution that is truly for the passengers of PIT.”

The automated parking guidance system (APGS) has the camera-based M5 smart sensor at its core. These M5 smart sensors, each equipped with two CMOS digital cameras on either side, are strategically installed above driving lanes, enabling them to monitor up to six parking spaces (three on each side). Boasting an accuracy rate of more than 99%, the M5 sensors feature a customizable RGB LED indicator, offering thousands of color options to signify occupancy, parking space type, and more. This system enhances parking efficiency by reducing the time to park by up to 63%, alleviating traffic and congestion in and around the parking garage, thus allowing passengers to park swiftly and reach their gate sooner.

In addition to improving parking efficiency, the M5 smart sensor system offers significant security benefits. The continuous monitoring and live HD streaming video provide enhanced surveillance, deterring potential thefts and vandalism. The system’s real-time data capture and analytics contribute to a safer parking environment by facilitating better overall security management within the parking facilities.

The automated parking guidance system for the Pittsburgh International Airport also includes:

• Extensive VMS-NAV signage placed strategically to assist passengers with wayfinding and direct them quickly to available parking spaces,
• Camera-based S2 outdoor monitoring for the best in security and surveillance on the rooftop level of the parking facility,
Park Alerts to notify operators when certain vehicles enter the building including VIPs and persons on a blocked list,
Park Finder, combined with license plate recognition (LPR) technology, to assist passengers with locating their vehicle in seconds via touchscreen kiosks, a connected parking app, or a Park Finder-enabled pay station,
• Powerful Ops Command+ API improve operational efficiency and allow operators to easily control the system and digital signage as well as providing operators with notifications and a website integration,
• And our proprietary INX platform, providing operators with robust data analytics on both real-time and historical trends including dwell time, turnover rate, frequency analysis, and environmental conditions along with reporting tools for data-driven decision making,

The Terminal Modernization Program is well underway at PIT, with the highest level of the new parking complex recently completed in May 2024. Completion of the full project is expected in 2025.

Construction at the PIT parking garage that will include the latest in parking technology - an automated parking guidance system
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