Learn your parking garage counts with a C5 that counts traffic flowing in both directions at the same time, enhancing the garage's parking guidance

Introducing Our Cutting-Edge C5 Smart Counting System

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CHESHIRE, CT – In today’s dynamic parking environment, accuracy and efficiency are paramount. That’s where the C5 Smart Counting Solution steps in, offering a cutting-edge approach to vehicle counting with its AI-powered HD camera-based technology. Unlike traditional systems, the C5 employs advanced Artificial Intelligence to accurately detect vehicles entering and exiting specific areas or levels of your parking garage, even in bumper-to-bumper traffic scenarios. With its multi-lane monitoring capability using just one camera, the C5 eliminates the need for multiple hardware installations, reducing costs and streamlining operations.

What sets the C5 apart is its ability to 96%+ accurately detect bidirectional traffic and account for environmental changes, ensuring precise vehicle counting under any circumstances. The data is transmitted to the INX software to display the counts on wayfinding signage and in the INX platform.

The remote monitoring feature of the C5 allows operators to monitor their property from anywhere, while the INX software provides up-to-the-minute occupancy information. The accuracy report feature ensures INX delivers reliable data, and the traffic volume tracking feature offers insights into customer behavior.

Moreover, installation is a breeze with the C5’s simple Power over Ethernet (PoE) setup, minimizing downtime, cost, and disruption to daily operations. Its 100% IP-based design ensures easy maintenance and troubleshooting, while its silent operation eliminates the noise associated with traditional ultrasonic systems.

The C5 integrates seamlessly with our other camera-based APGS offerings, including the M5 Smart Sensor and the S2 Outdoor Solution, further enhancing its utility, providing a comprehensive solution for your parking facility’s needs.

With the C5 Smart Counting Solution, you not only enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your parking operations but also future-proof your facility with innovative technology that adapts to your garage’s evolving needs. Experience the difference with the C5 and transform your parking facility into a well-oiled, user-centric space. Read More

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