outdoor parking management for rooftops and surface lots with this parking guidance camera based S2 smart sensing solution

Explore the S2 Outdoor Solution, an HD Camera-Based Solution for Rooftops and Surface Lots Parking Management

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Cheshire, CT – Are you tired of outdated parking solutions that only offer basic occupancy detection? It’s time to revolutionize your outdoor parking management with the S2 Outdoor Smart Sensing Solution. Our cutting-edge camera-based system, built on the acclaimed M-Series technology, brings a new era of intelligence and convenience to rooftops and surface lots.

Installation Made Simple: Gone are the days of disrupting your parking facilities with invasive installations. The S2 Outdoor Solution is effortlessly installed, requiring no asphalt cutting. Simply mount the cameras, and you’re ready to go. Our system’s high-perched HD cameras provide a panoramic view, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your operators and accurate data collection for better informed decision making.

Parking Guidance and Security Combined: Experience the synergy of smart sensing and customizable digital wayfinding signage with the S2 Outdoor Solution. From the moment parkers arrive, they’re guided seamlessly to available spaces, enhancing both convenience and safety. Plus, with sitewide monitoring capabilities, our system acts as a powerful deterrent to theft and vandalism, fostering a secure environment for all.

Unmatched Integration: Integrate our S2 solution with ease into your existing infrastructure and enjoy a seamless experience. Whether it’s pairing with our camera- based M5 smart sensor or camera-based C5 smart counting solution, our parking guidance system effortlessly connects to enhance your parking management capabilities. Explore the possibilities of digital signage, mobile applications, and API integrations, all backed by our INX platform’s robust data-driven insights.

Experience the Future of Outdoor Parking Management: Transform your outdoor parking spaces with the S2 Outdoor Solution. Elevate the parking experience for your customers while optimizing resource utilization like never before. Say goodbye to outdated systems and embrace the future of intelligent parking management with our automated parking guidance system. Read More

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