Parksmart to Present at Greenbuild Europe April 2018

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Evolving technology, new business opportunities and a growing awareness are expanding parking’s role as a transformative force for sustainable mobility in our cities, campuses, entertainment venues and elsewhere. Enter Parksmart —the world’s only rating system designed to advance sustainable mobility through smarter parking structure design and operation. Parksmart is a voluntary, consensus-driven standard that guides projects toward innovative, solutions-oriented strategies that benefit everyone from building owners and property managers, to tenants and drivers.

Park Assist has long encouraged parking’s embrace of sustainability. As an early supporter Park Assist contributed to the development of the Parksmart program. Today, Park Assist supports program growth through its Platinum membership with the U.S. Green Building Council, the organization spearheading the deployment of Parksmart at parking locations across the globe. Park Assist’s technologies help parking asset owners lower their environmental footprint by reducing idling and the resulting emissions, a benefit recognized by the Parksmart program.

GBCI’s Trevyr Meade will deliver a presentation on Parksmart at Greenbuild Europe in Berlin on April 17th. The Greenbuild event offers a forum for the green building community to unite, change lives, revolutionize business and address pressing issues, such as air quality, human health, energy use and global climate change. The presentation will focus on those aspects of Parksmart most relevant to the European market, and include a case study highlighting the first structure in Europe to leverage the program, the Obilicev Venac. The Obilicev Venac and other garages across the globe are utilizing Parksmart to reduce environmental impacts, increase energy efficiency and performance, manage parking spaces efficiently, encourage alternative mobility solutions and strengthen community relationships. Many of these assets have achieved Parksmart certification, an industry accepted distinction of leadership, quality and social responsibility. This presentation will provide asset owners the knowledge needed to be among the first in Europe to realize the benefits of Parksmart and bring certification to their parking garage.

Trevyr Meade

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