Chris Petersen promoted to ​​​​​​ Branch Operations Manager – North America

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It is with great pleasure that we announce that Chris Petersen has been promoted to Branch Operations Manager – NTHAM.

Chris began his time with Park Assist in December of 2016 in the capacity of Project Coordinator – NTHAM. During that period, not only has the Branch seen exponential growth but its flourishing has been quietly and consistently anchored by Chris Petersen. We have come to know and appreciate Chris for his diligence, commitment, affability and no-nonsense approach to his role and the operations and processes of the Branch.

This newly created role at the North American level will see Chris spearheading further aspects of the Branch operations and being responsible for the smooth operational flow of business as it progresses through the verticals of sales, project management, client services and all the tasks and functions that underpin those activities at the branch level. Chris will be instrumental in driving procedural and operational initiatives as we lay further foundations for continued growth in North America.

“From the moment that Chris joined the North American branch, he has been a constant support and trusted partner to everyone across the branch and the organization as a whole. He has grown in tandem with the branch, and we recognize his important contribution by elevating him to further underpin our Branch activity on our continued growth path,” Vincent Balsamo – General Manager North America.

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