Anders Nelson Joins Park Assist as a Hardware Director

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Anders Nelson has joined Park Assist as a Hardware Director. In this role, Anders will work on delivering a new camera platform by taking Park Assist’s product requirements, working with our Engineering team along with our trusted partners to design, assemble and prototype our next generation hardware. Following the design, assembly, and testing, he will then help assist the mass production line and ensure the quality control of a final product.

Anders previous positions have brought him a well-rounded background in the field of engineering.

His first endeavor led him to Köln, Germany, where he worked on designing lighting fixtures at a stage lighting startup. He then moved onto a microchip production company where he made concept prototypes for Apple, Adidas, Activision and other companies. He then spent over two years in his own business making wearable LED video displays. Lastly, he worked for Nest, building portions of the Nest Cam and Nest Cam IQ video cameras.

Anders grew up in Michigan and went on to attend Michigan State University. He then lived in the San Francisco Bay area for about 10 years and has since settled in Astoria, Queens, NY this past July. Every year, Anders attends music festivals with a big group of friends. He loves vintage Italian automobiles, historically significant electronics, and people. His hobbies revolve around two parallel goals. The first, to make life more convenient, and the second, to make life convenient but interesting. He uses an example of convenience as ‘making a Nixie tube clock that sets itself’, and an example of interesting as ‘making a controller for a vintage reel-to-reel data tape drive for the sole purpose of reading an image from tape and displaying it on the TV whenever guests come over’.

“We are pleased to have Anders join the engineering team. Anders brings a wealth of design and manufacturing experience building beautiful Internet-Of-Things camera based products, and we are excited to apply this knowledge across our technology, in particular to our upcoming M5 sensor,” said Scott Dubois, Vice President of Product Management.

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