Galeria Jurajska Chooses Park Assist’s M4 Smart-Sensor Parking Guidance System

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NEW YORK, NY – June 20, 2017 – Galeria Jurajska in Czestochowa, Poland will be installing Park Assist’s patented M4 camera-based parking guidance system (PGS).  This is the third shopping and entertainment centre designed by Globe Trade Centre (GTC) in Poland and is the first modern facility of this kind in Czestochowa. Park Assist will be collaborating with GTC, one of the leading commercial real estate companies in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Galeria Jurajska is a two-level retail centre that offers the most popular Polish and international brands from Empik to TK Maxx. Originally the site of two old paper and roller mills, this historic place can accommodate 2,000 cars. Galeria Jurajska shoppers will now have an effortless parking experience with the M4’s unique smart sensor and real time digital guidance to open spaces.

In a recent survey by Insurance.com, 52% of parkers admitted instances of forgetting where they parked.* Through Park Assist’s Park Finder™ application, and exclusive Find Your Car™ feature Galeria Jurajska customers will no longer have this issue. The application enables returning parkers to find the exact location of their vehicles upon exit by simply typing in their license plate numbers – and/or when inserting their parking tickets at a Park Finder™ enabled pay station.

The M4 smart-sensors with dual cameras will be located above the driving lane to monitor a pair of spaces on each side. This unique vantage point provides the cameras with an unobstructed view of the parked vehicles – while providing parkers with clear sight lines for easy guidance and navigation. Red and green lights incorporated in the ceiling mounted sensors indicate open and occupied spaces. Red connotes occupied, while green indicates an available space.

“We are excited to work with GTC on this innovative and forward – thinking project where excellence in customer experience is the primary objective, “ said Gary Neff, CEO of Park Assist.



About Park Assist:

Park Assist® is the parking industry’s leading camera-focused innovator with the most camera based parking guidance installations in the world. Our technology helps customers effortlessly find parking spaces in real-time as well as find their cars when they return. Simultaneously, we provide parking operators with tools to improve customer satisfaction, create new revenue opportunities, realize greater operational control, capture parker analytics and expand CCTV capabilities. Park Assist is part of the TKH Group (Euronext: TWEKA), a $1.6 billion publicly traded company headquartered in the Netherlands. For more information, visit www.parkassist.com.

About Galeria Jurajska:

Galeria Jurajska has a total area of 49 000 sq m. for shopping and entertainment, which houses nearly 200 shops, service outlets, restaurants and a multiplex Cinema City. This modernized centre had over 650 thousand visitors in the first month of opening. Visit their directory to explore the abundant retail and entertainment options. For more information on Galeria Jurajska, visit http://www.galeriajurajska.pl/


* Insurance.com 2014 survey of 2,000 drivers on Biggest Driving Embarrassments.

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