Alexandra Gizhitsa joins Park Assist as the Global Marketing Manager

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If you could take a detailed photo of the very soul – the guts – of our business, you’re likely to recognize a link between the major organs known as sales and marketing. Interesting, right? And this is how it woks – everything begins with the fundamentals of digital marketing: strategic content placement, analytics, email marketing consistency, user experience, and technology. And in the effort of making this link even stronger, we are happy to introduce Alexandra Gizhitsa, who has joined our team at Park Assist in the role of Global Marketing Manager.

With 10 years of B2B marketing strategy and automation experience, Alex believes that the better we understand how users interact with stuff, the better we can reach them effectively, so that we not only know where we are going, but also when and how we are going to get there. She has loads of experience in digital and traditional marketing from working in agencies and technology companies. But wait. There’s more. Because we’re all about telling our secrets, we’re compelled to share that not only is Alex a cooking enthusiast and a comic book fan, she also spends time working with young women to set them up for career success. Want to know more about her? Ask her about her daughter (called Beans), Pardot software or what she made for dinner last night. That’ll get the conversation going. Join us in welcoming Alex.

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