Intelligent parking. On so many levels.

Ultrasonic guidance systems can keep track of occupied and unoccupied spaces. But that’s it. With its core business intelligence, the camera based Park Assist smart-sensor system for parking guidance keeps a finger on the pulse on the behaviors, preferences and usage patterns across your parking facility.


Gain better control while cutting costs.

Our smart-sensor cameras combine with integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) – and our proprietary intelligent software – to monitor your entire facility. The result: actionable data you can use to streamline costs and maximize efficiency.

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Increase revenues with premium pricing.

It’s suddenly easy to incorporate premium pricing – or other pricing strategies – anywhere across your facility. No need for expensive gate systems or costly loss of spaces. A powerful way to instantly increase revenues and the bottom line.

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Expanded security. From a unique vantage point.

Our smart-sensor cameras can capture streaming video whenever motion is detected in or around a space. Or continuously, if desired. Providing an expanded level of security that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

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Build a following with a superior experience.

Our next-generation parking guidance includes leading-edge wayfinding signage at every key decision point. Bright LEDs on the smart-sensors whisk parkers to open spaces. Touchscreen kiosks help find their vehicles upon return. The kind of conveniences that increase market share and repeat business.

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