Elevating the parker experience.
To build loyalty and market share.

When parkers arrive at your facility, they’re typically stressed and in a hurry. They want to find a desirable space quickly, and be on their way. While also hoping the departure experience will be as smooth and stress-free.

Welcoming parkers with next-generation guidance.

At the street entrance and key driver-decision points, Park Assist® digital wayfinding signage clearly shows the number of available spaces on each level of a parking garage. Then on each level, bright LEDs on our smart-sensors quickly signal hurried parkers to open spaces using familiar green-or-red color coding. Custom colors can also be used for special designations – i.e. blue for handicapped, purple for premium, etc.

Leaving a positive and lasting impression.

We make the departure experience as easy as the arrival.

The industry’s breakthrough software with our original Find Your Car™ locator, our Park Finder™ module enables a returning parker or a staff member to find where a vehicle is parked. This customer-centric add-on is available with a Sparx Premium Subscription.

The customer simply enters the license plate number — using a mobile app, touchscreen kiosk, enabled pay station and other onsite system – which the system matches to the number captured via integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) at the parking space.

These kinds of conveniences not only serve the parker in the moment. They build a level of customer satisfaction that can lead to repeat business, positive word-of-mouth, and increased market share for your brand.


No-stress parking. And the numbers to prove it. A study commissioned for a major retail shopping center* found its Park Assist smart-sensor system for parking guidance provided the following advantages:

  • Time-to-park was reduced by 44%. Especially helpful when occupancy is high.
  • The numbers of drivers searching for more than 5 minutes was reduced by 12%.
  • An overall tightening in the variability of parking-space search time.

* An ARUP study commissioned by Park Assist for the 2,513-space parking facility at Westfield Century City Shopping Centre in Los Angeles. Comparative data was recorded one month before and one month after the installation of a Park Assist camera based smart-sensor system.