Find the hidden money in your facility. To maximize your revenue stream.

You know where the most desirable spaces are in your parking facility. The fact is, parkers are arriving throughout the day who would gladly pay a premium for one of those spaces. This is especially true during peak-activity periods, when your facility is reaching full capacity.

The synergy of INX™ and integrated LPR.

With our Business Development+ package, available as a Premium Subscription, you can easily designate spaces for premium pricing — or other pricing strategies — anywhere throughout your entire facility.

With Park SelectRateTM, an integral component of our sophisticated INX ecosystem, you can simply use Park Assist’s intuitive INX dashboard to mark a premium space. A color-coded LED is activated in the appropriate smart-sensor, guiding premium-minded parkers to that space.

Once a vehicle enters a premium space, the camera based smart-sensor feeds vehicle ID and location data via INX and/or the Business Development+ API package to your PARCS or other revenue management system — which applies the pre-entered premium rate for that particular engagement.

Set premium and conditional pricing structures.

With Park Assist®, premium parking can be a bona fide moneymaker. No need for expensive gate systems or costly loss of spaces. The intelligence-driven Park Assist smart-sensing guidance system is all encompassing. A solution with the power to instantly increase revenues and the bottom line.

The ability to set variable parking rates can be used for a number of scenarios, including short-stay zones in high turnover areas, off-peak discounting or event parking. Operators can add, change, assign and delete rates — and adjust smart-sensor LED colors — as needed. The Business Development+ API also generates detailed rate history data for fine-grain analysis.