The insight and control you need to heighten efficiency and profitability.

Until Park Assist®, parking systems were expected to do just one thing: the tracking of empty spaces in order to provide parking guidance. Since the introduction of our pioneering camera based smart-sensing system — those expectations have changed dramatically.

Park Assist smart-sensor cameras combine with integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) — and the data-driven insights of our INX™ platform — to monitor your facility 24/7. As a result, you gain the depth and breadth of control it takes to ensure a streamlined and highly profitable operation.

Keep a finger on the pulse of your facility. 
Through built-in business intelligence.

A Park Assist smart-sensing system generates a wealth of continuous data on the behaviors, preferences and usage patterns that affect your parking facility on a day-to-day basis.

This actionable real-time and historical data is fed to the core system of our multifaceted INX platform — and presented to operators via powerful interactive data dashboards. The result is instantaneous at-a-glance business intelligence you can use to streamline costs and maximize efficiency. Examples of how this data can be leveraged to make better decisions include:

  • Analysis of facility usage patterns to help with control of lighting costs, strategies to improve space utilization, and off-peak scheduling for maintenance.
  • Historical analyses to determine seasonal and recurring trends for customer volume and revenue.
  • Capacity/utilization metrics to help plan for new construction or site expansion.

A fully scalable data-driven solution.

There is no need to replace hardware in order to expand or upgrade a Park Assist system. From the outset, the flexibility of our cloud-based INX platform enables us to devise an optimal package of features for each individual site. Through our INX Premium Subscriptions, you can also access additional functionalities across our data-driven ecosystem. Including advanced software modules for targeted business opportunities.