The end of the lost-my-car syndrome.

As long as the parking garage has existed, parkers have been misplacing their vehicles. In fact, in a recent survey by, 52% of parkers admitted instances of forgetting where they parked.* At best, the parker is anxious. At worst, the parker becomes anguished at the thought it may have been stolen.

Park Finder™: our advanced-tech vehicle locator.

With the Find Your Car™ locator feature in Park Finder, all a parker has to do is enter his/her license plate number. In seconds, the Park Assist® core system scours a database of currently parked vehicles – which were identified through our integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) when they entered a space.

There are three ways you can use our Park Finder extension to provide parkers with this invaluable guidance feature:

  • At Park Finder enabled pay stations for a PARCS or other revenue control system
  • Through touchscreen kiosks positioned at strategic locations
  • Via a smartphone app built to integrate seamlessly with our system

A future-proof differentiator for competitive markets.

The superior guidance experience provided by Park Finder helps to enhance brand image, generate positive word-of-mouth and encourage repeat visits. This powerful extension is also future-proof: with step-by-step walking directions, smart-dashboard guidance to empty or reserved spaces, and readiness for driverless cars.

* 2014 survey of 2,000 drivers on Biggest Driving Embarrassments.