Add-on software modules for targeted business opportunities.

The new Sparx platform is engineered to seamlessly interface with the advanced add-ons that have already positioned Park Assist as the PGS innovation leader. Revamped to take full advantage of the exceptional integration capabilities of Sparx, these software products include:

Park FinderTM

The industry’s breakthrough software with our original Find Your Car™​ locator. Park Finder enables the returning parker or a staff member to find where a vehicle is parked simply by typing in its plate number using a mobile app, touchscreen kiosk, enabled pay station and other onsite system. More about Park Finder

Park AlertsTM

The ability to issue automated real-time email alerts for violators and staff, without the need for fixed barriers or gates. Applications include policy/overstays enforcement, user group control for tiered parking, safeguarding against threat vehicles – and the recognition of VIP/ loyal customers who warrant special treatment upon arrival. More about Park Alerts

Additional add-ons on the horizon:

Predictive Analytics

  • Notate the recorded events in your facility for easy historical comparisons
  • Get advanced insights to forecast next-day and future activity

Park Assistant

  • Create activities/workflows in your system using when-if-then-that logic
  • Customize tracking/notification for events including alerts for specific personnel

Time2ParkTM and Time2ExitTM

  • Access real-time parker experience data on drivers who are entering and exiting
  • Analyze heatmaps to determine where pain points in the parker journey are occurring

Park Reservations

  • Enable drivers to book and pay for parking in advance with our white-label solution, which is easily embedded into your website
  • Integrate reservations into your existing PARCS system for an end-to-end solution. Or simply add this in parallel for a solution with very low barrier to entry

Customer Satisfaction Tracking

  • Monitor how your customers feel about your garage in real time. Compare satisfaction levels over time as you implement new initiatives to enhance the parker journey

ParkViewTM Surveillance

  • Search and view video associated with garage events based on location, vehicle, motion or audio – without leaving your desk
  • Download and export video for offline viewing​