A nucleus of strategic API integrations: engineered to drive the future.

Ops Command+ package

Empowers functionalities that heighten operational efficiencies and control to enable:

  • Building systems management
  • Digital signage control
  • Alerts & notifications: i.e. compliance/rules enforcement
  • Website integration
  • Additional ops functionalities

CX+ package

Designed to further elevate the customer experience (CX) in a myriad of ways to enable:

  • Advanced mobile apps customizable to suit your brand and needs
  • Palm-of-the-hand and vehicle-connected wayfinding
  • The ability of drivers to check availability before leaving – get personalized navigation to open bays – and locate their vehicles upon exit
  • Find Your Car™ integration with PARCS through our Park Finder™ add-on software module
  • Empowers additional CX functionalities such as valet parking

Business Development+ package

Adding capabilities that further boost revenue and profitability to enable:

  • Tiered & frictionless parking
  • Reserved & permit parking
  • Fine-detail data and insights on parker behaviors and preferences

Data Publication Services

This feature of a Sparx Premium Subscription enables the publishing of real-time data in client-side applications. This tool is specifically targeted at providing a data stream into your enterprise data lake, to enable data correlation and analyses across your installed subsystems. This further enables centralized data for your websites, mobile apps, and a variety of business intelligence (BI) tools.


This optional package includes next-level customization/development services by Park Assist experts. Benefits and advantages our experts can help provide include:

  • Setup of single sign-on integration to streamline system access and operation
  • Customized report formats and automated reporting routines
  • Customization of the Sparx portal design and color palette to align with your brand identity