Extended functionalities through cloud-based integrations.

As the possibilities for parking operations continue to evolve in today’s increasingly interconnected world, the extendability of your PGS is crucial to add capabilities and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Ready to integrate with a universe of cloud-based options, via an unprecedented set of powerful application programming interfaces (APIs), Sparx Premium Subscriptions enable you to tap into a virtually limitless set of third-party solutions. With secure access to the vast industry-leading dataset of our proprietary camera-based PGS, this extends the data mining capabilities of Sparx to collaborate with an ever-evolving array of complementary functionalities.

Affordable subscription plans to suit your needs and scope.

With a Sparx Premium Subscription, you can choose to invest in as many add-on functionalities as you currently need, with the option to add more as your operational strategy progresses. We offer a variety of affordable subscription plans available through an upfront or annual software license agreement. Each software license/fee is based on the number of API packages purchased, along with the number of parking bays in the subscribed facility.

Leading-edge API consultation and support to achieve maximized results.

Augmenting the core platform support services provided with the Sparx Standard Platform, and Sparx Premium Subscriptions, our multifaceted API packages are backed by concierge-level consultative and support services that are tailored to your region. This ongoing guidance ensures data integrity by keeping your Sparx system up to date, while empowering your operators to extract maximum value from the data. Our support concierges also play a proactive role in identifying in facilitating valuable integration opportunities on your behalf.