Using our unique vantage point to augment security.

When it comes to monitoring a parking garage, even the most sophisticated security systems can come up short. For cost and logistical reasons, the focus of traditional systems is often limited to entry/exit points for the garage and its associated buildings. Activity in the parking spaces themselves is rarely captured in great detail.

Tapping the pervasive power of our smart-sensor cameras.

With the addition of the Park Surveillance™ add-on software module, the Park Assist® camera based M4 PGS system is able to capture streaming video whenever motion is detected in or around a space. Or continuously, if desired. Since the M4 smart-sensors are installed above the driving lane, their dual cameras have an unobstructed view of each vehicle during its entire stay in a parking bay. This provides an expanded level of security/safety that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

Managing risk for facility owners.
Providing customers with peace-of-mind.

The streaming video and transactional time data captured by the smart-sensor cameras can be used in a variety of ways. It can serve as powerful evidence for scenarios where a theft or assault has occurred. It can also help protect owners and management against fraudulent claims of theft and vandalism, while helping to deter the intrusion of unwelcome visitors.

On the customer side, Park Surveillance provides an added measure of safety and security. Giving parkers the peace-of-mind of knowing their vehicles are effectively monitored for as long as they remain in a space.