Taking the uncertainty out of parking availability.

Viable smartphone apps already exist for pre-paid parking and reservations. However, the typical low-tech parking facility isn’t adequately equipped to complete the loop in a streamlined and profitable way. Special areas must be predesignated for reserved parking. It is also difficult to monitor and manage nonconforming events such as no-shows, overbooking and overstays.

With the Park Reserve™ software extension, a Park Assist® camera based smart-sensor system becomes a highly efficient and profitable conduit for accepting reservations from any number of pay-for-parking apps. From a customer guidance perspective, Park Reserve takes the uncertainty out of parking – ensuring that a specific type of space will be reserved, in a specific parking facility, for a pre-determined timeframe.

Easy integration with third-party apps and existing revenue systems.

Using our standards-based APIs and integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR), Park Reserve accepts reservations from any number of third-party apps. This enables drivers to make reservations by zone, bay type or rate. In addition, the pairing of smart-sensor cameras and LPR serves to verify and monitor reservations – including identification of unauthorized parkers and triggering of overstay alerts.