Unified cloud-based management for multiple parking sites.

Owners of large parking-site portfolios are always looking for ways to benefit from increased economies of scale. But they’re often challenged by existing management/analysis technology at individual properties. These disparate, often outdated systems make it difficult to apply macro management techniques and share new capabilities across the portfolio.

Developed to help Park Assist® clients with large portfolios of parking facilities, the Park Portfolio™ software extension empowers cohesive cloud-based management of individual sites that are already using our Park Insights™ reporting extension. Serving as a unifying application that aggregates the combined actionable intelligence from multiple APIs.

Maximizing performance and expandability across an entire portfolio of sites.

Park Portfolio is seamlessly integrated with diverse PARCS/revenue systems and third-party platforms. This enables Park Portfolio to function as a unified control platform for multiple sites. As a result, portfolio managers and data analysts can leverage a robust body of consolidated data and insights — and also provide capabilities to all properties that add value to the entire portfolio.

Examples of specific uses for Park Portfolio include:

  • Application of a set of standard rules, alerts and more for all sites or selected sites
  • The option to limit/manage which sites are visible to specific groups of end-users
  • The ability to develop a single branded parking guidance app that can be used across all properties in a portfolio (i.e. for a family of retail shopping centers)