Robust reporting with actionable intelligence. To improve decision-making and performance.

Before Park Assist®, the sole function of a parking guidance system was to keep track of occupied and unoccupied spaces. Those expectations have changed both quickly and dramatically, as we continue to extend the capabilities of our multifaceted guidance-and-beyond technology. Through its core business intelligence, our camera based Park Assist smart-sensor system continually keeps a finger on the pulse on the behaviors, preferences and usage patterns across your parking facility. With our Park Insights™ reporting extension, site staff and managers have easy, instant access to the wealth of real-time data generated across the system. This addition to your data flow enables them to make better site management decisions across the board.

Comprehensive, deep-dive capabilities:
For relevant and tailored insights.

Unlike many reporting platforms that produce a stream of isolated reports, the industry-leading Park Insights portal aggregates, relates and analyzes data from multiple sources. Through our powerful APIs, Park Insights is easily assimilated into third-party platforms, providing actionable intelligence for tracking and analysis.

The continuously updated Park Insights portal features a powerful and intuitive reporting GUI to access detailed data on parker trends and behaviors in a facility. Key statistics are outlined through a set of customizable and movable widgets. Data can also be customized and fine-tuned to meet the needs of specific staff members. The ways this intelligence can be put to use include:

  • More efficient allocation/scheduling of staff, based on actual facility usage and peak occupancy
  • Tracking of visitor behavior trends to identify opportunities for process or customer-service improvements
  • Identification of parking areas that could be suitable as short-stay or premium zones

Multiple modes of display. Both macro and micro.

With Park Insights, your data view can be as expansive or granular as you need. You can also create custom charts and graphs – fine-tuned to display exact timeframes, types of spaces and other data categories. Examples include:

  • Intuitive live heatmaps showing the most heavily utilized zones and levels in your garage
  • Daily-occupancy line graphs with separate curves for each day of the week
  • A month’s worth of afternoon and evening data, comparing weekdays to weekends
  • Unique-visitor frequency reports, including graphs showing how the proportion of weekly, monthly and infrequent visitors is changing over time
  • Visualization graphs for vehicle entry and exit counts
  • Data for an individual vehicle visits complete with duration, entry/exit timestamps, parking location, and specific vehicle ID through integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Effective data sharing.
Across the organization and beyond.

In the final analysis, the true power of data comes with the ability to share it. Occupancy and parking guidance information can be shared with partners and customers via website data embeds. The actionable intelligence reports from Park Insights can be exported in variety of formats – Excel, PDF, JPEG and PNG – or accessed at will via email subscriptions.