See your operation for what it is: And envision what it can truly be.

If your parking operation is like most enterprises, there are pain points you need to alleviate. Maybe it’s the sense you’re not using resources as efficiently as possible, or a lack of crucial data for effective decision-making.


ParkIQ™ is a streamlined back office solution with the power to transform efficiency, performance and ROI across a portfolio of facilities. This centralized, device-agnostic software platform enables owners and operators to aggregate and integrate data from disparate systems/vendors — even from multiple PARCS installations — in order to:

  • Ensure data accuracy
  • Minimize fraud and leakage
  • Reduce overhead and labor/FTE costs
  • Maximize efficiency and ROI

The transparency and vision to transform your portfolio.

On a day-to-day basis, parking portfolio owners and facility managers are faced with a myriad of recurring tasks. At best, these tasks are part of doing business. At worst, this repetitive activity becomes counterproductive, sapping energy and resources that could be devoted to customers and oversight.

A cloud-based solution for real-time data collection and integrated intelligence, ParkIQ provides the portfolio visibility needed to empower game-changing business decisions.

An intuitive interface with dynamic real-time alerts.
Scalable architecture to meet evolving needs.

Through its innovative user-centric design, ParkIQ enables system operators to quickly identify and address potential issues across a facility or portfolio. Its easy-to-use interface includes a dynamic heatmap feature, which calls attention to areas needing operator intervention in real time. This can be used, for instance, to examine lot-level performance issues in a granular way.

Since ParkIQ is hardware-agnostic, each installation can be configured to your specific needs. Scheduled application updates can be automatically downloaded to onsite systems. Its scalable cloud-based architecture can also evolve with the requirements of your enterprise — without the need for any additional software or server hardware.

Automatic reconciliation reduces processing, errors and fraud.

For parking operations, the time-intensive task of reconciling receipts with revenue sources is both frustrating and burdensome. This typically involves multiple spreadsheets and countless hours of reconciliation. The process is also prone to the risks of manual entry errors, human intervention and the potential for fraud.

Ensuring accurate processing by eliminating human intervention.

Designed for total compliance with parking industry standards and best practices for general accounting, ParkIQ provides automatic reconciliation of cash and credit card receipts without human intervention. This eliminates the manual steps in the process, while ensuring all receipts are accurately and instantly transferred to the general ledger.

For small to mid-size parking operations, the automatic reconciliation feature in ParkIQ can serve simultaneously as a reconciliation tool for closely held business accounts. For all operations, its direct-to-GL capability eliminates a labor-intensive task — while maintaining a transparent connection between source documents and the general ledger.

Dynamic reporting capabilities based on detailed intelligence.

With operational and revenue reporting capabilities that are both flexible and robust, ParkIQ is an invaluable ally for centralized visibility into location-level performance and issues.

By accessing the intuitive ParkIQ reporting portal, parking owners and operators can unearth a wealth of relevant, real-time data. Over 40 standard reports and over 30 trend reports are available at a moment’s notice, in addition to the ability to produce custom analytics.

Examples of real-time reports to provide portfolio-wide insights.

An invaluable tool for analyzing actuals vs. budgets/forecasts across a wide range of criteria, the daily, monthly and yearly reports available with ParkIQ include:

  • Predictive forecasts based on imminent rate changes
  • Occupancy/vacancy actuals, rates and trends
  • Detailed summaries and breakdowns of general ledger activity
  • Analysis of properties across various levels (city, region, etc.)
  • Event-level granular data from multiple PARCS
  • Ticket summaries for single and multiple properties

Portfolio-improving performance with brand-building power.

When a parking facility is more streamlined and efficient in its operation, this positive energy is reflected by a superior customer-facing impression and optimized service. The insight provided by ParkIQ is already helping hundreds of facilities across four continents to benchmark and enhance their across-the-board performance.

A set of enabling technologies that continues to evolve.

As a global technology innovator, Park Assist® continues to develop new capabilities and features to expand our offering of intelligent solutions for parking facilities and portfolios. As a result, your installation will benefit from this future-proof minded thinking — while serving as a virtual launchpad for the new and improved applications that are part of the ParkIQ evolutionary cycle.