Getting data from disparate sources to speak the same language.

A growing operation assimilates platforms and data from multiple business vendors and partners. The result is an amalgamation of disparate data – often from hundreds of sources – using different protocols and duration units.


ParkIQ™ is a highly automated cloud-based solution that instantly consolidates and normalizes all the performance data from your parking operations in real time. While presenting it in a powerful, highly intuitive dashboard for analysis, reporting and forecasting.

Enhancing performance and profitability across the board.

With ParkIQ, an operator can see how revenue is flowing through multiple parking systems, facilities and devices in real time, including:

  • Off-street PARCS and other parking management systems
  • On-street parking systems with single-space or multi-space devices
  • Mobile payment systems
  • Citation and enforcement systems
  • Parking guidance systems (PGS)
  • Parking contract and monthly administration systems
  • Parking reservation systems

Making data readable, then actionable.

With less sophisticated systems, including manual spreadsheets-based systems, processing disparate data from multiple systems typically leads to a litany of interface and integrity issues. With an advanced BI environment as its foundation, ParkIQ uses an innovative structural approach to effectively aggregate, consolidate and process data from multiple streams and large stores. And this all happens behind the scenes.

Our proprietary 4-step data empowerment approach.

Automated data collection. Our data empowerment process begins from day one, with the aggregation of historical and live data from the multiple sources you’re currently using.

Normalization. The internal translation capabilities of ParkIQ redefine the data from different sources into a homogenous format – producing a single “truth” of comparable and meaningful data with standard dimensions, formats and resolutions.

Modeling. The high-quality normalized data is processed by a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to enable exceptional real-time visibility and future-look predictability.

Presentation. The modeled data is presented to the operator via a highly intuitive graphic dashboard for analysis, reporting and forecasting. Enabling the user to filter, zoom-in, extract or consolidate in a myriad of ways.

AI-driven predictability. Not just history.

The ability to accurately forecast parking activity and revenue depends on a wealth of factors. In addition to historical trends, these include changes in real-time parker behaviors – along with other factors such as weather conditions and external events.

The embedded AI in ParkIQ transforms the multitude of transactions across your parking operation into movement, duration, occupancy and revenue insights that serve multiple applications and purposes.

Valuable, shareable insights to enhance efficiency and CX.

  • The predictive trending insights provided by ParkIQ have numerous benefits for owners/operators and parkers, including:
  • The empowerment of competitive revenue strategies with conditional pricing rates for peak and off-peak periods
  • Informed decisions for right-size staffing to maximize efficiency and profitability
  • Elevation of the customer experience (CX) by ensuring availability of both off-street and on-street parking during peak periods

These value-added benefits are easily extended to clients as well, through the ParkIQ application programming interface (API), to inform their own internal systems, websites and mobile apps.