Unprecedented sitewide surveillance and advanced parking guidance in one innovative installation.

The PE360 provides the highest level of security the parking industry has ever seen, with seamless guidance, and complete 360° surveillance. Leveraging our camera-based technology, the PE360’s bright LED indicator can be configured to display several colors to indicate occupancy status and parking space type. Utilizing industry-leading technology, this latest innovation combines the advantages of traditional parking guidance with state-of-the-art surveillance at a competitive price to traditional low-cost ultrasonic sensors.

The PE360 system incorporates vehicle occupancy sensing, high-tech guidance, and sitewide surveillance. These sensors, designed with a 360° field of vision, have complete visibility of the garage. Each individual sensor has the ability capture and stream video and images to our proprietary video management system, while also collecting rich occupancy and per bay data points to help increase garage efficiency.

Simple installation, lightweight infrastructure, elegant design.

Our PE360 camera-based PGS provides all the advantages of ultrasonic guidance with easier installation, commissioning, and lighter infrastructure. PE360 sensors, including a single camera and lightring, are installed above the driving lane to monitor spaces on each side. A single-camera PE360 can monitor up to 6 parking bays. With clear views of parked vehicles as well as the surrounding area, the PE360 provides enhanced surveillance and industry-leading parking guidance without obstructing parkers’ sight lines.

Enhancing CX with advanced parking guidance.

The standalone PE360 sensors continually feed video information from the bays to the system’s central server/database. This is used to update indoor and outdoor LED digital signage, providing parkers with up-to-the-minute occupancy information to help customers quickly locate available parking, maximize garage efficiency, and save parkers valuable time during their parking journey. The sensor’s bright LED indicator glows green if vacancy is detected in one or more monitored spaces, while several other colors can be programmed to denote special-purpose spaces.

The added benefit of 360° video surveillance.

The camera-based PE360 sensors keep a continual watch on the entire facility, in all directions at any given time. These cameras capture real-time video footage 24/7 across the facility, self-adjusting for all types of lighting conditions, to produce high quality images and streaming video. As a result, a PE360 system can simultaneously function as a sophisticated surveillance system.

Enhanced performance with our intelligent software system.

With our INX Lite Platform, included with every PE360 system installation, all the elements you could need to heighten CX, efficiency and profitability are strategically interconnected. Standard features include:

  • Interactive Dashboards. Interactive views of live data and KPI statistics.
  • Incisive Reports. Historical activity reports for selected time/zones/bays.
  • Park Maps. User-friendly configuration for floor plans, devices and heatmap reports.
  • Parkitect™. Proprietary logic engine for customization, automated alerts and more.
  • Park Assistant™. All-in-one module for service/support, documentation and training.
  • Video on Demand. Real-time video surveillance, streaming, and video playback to enhance the parking facility’s safety and security.

TKH Security’s Revolutionary Parking Guidance Ecosystem

The String Controller underpins a revolutionary change in the architecture of parking guidance systems. It is the brain of the TKH Security’s Park Assist Ecosystem, empowering advanced vehicle detection. Along with advanced networking capabilities, POE++ technology, onboard processing and storage power, the String Controller extends how complex functionality can be delivered, while simplifying the installation and commissioning process. Designed to work hand in hand with INX Lite, users and installers can easily install, connect and configure any device (sign, sensor, etc.) right from their browser. Even further functionality can be delivered via INX including video playback on demand, power monitoring of each POE string, and general string controller health.