Another enlightened advance for the industry’s leading guidance system.

With the camera based Park Assist® L4 lightpipe-sensor system, a single streamlined installation gives you the opportunity to dramatically lower your energy usage and footprint with efficient LED lighting — integrate next-generation guidance throughout your facility — and maximize the efficiency, performance and profitability of your entire operation.

Up to now, you needed to install multiple systems in your parking facility to address all three of these initiatives. The combined advantages provided by our L4 lightpipe-sensor system include:

  • The energy savings and exceptional sustainability of state-of-the-art LED lighting
  • The customer-centric and brand-building benefits of a next-generation parking guidance system
  • The ability to analyze, enhance and improve your facility through core business intelligence

Putting the image of parking in a whole new light.

The sleek, continuous light-lines of our L4 lightpipe-sensor system are like nothing you’ve ever seen. Modular lightpipe units are connected to provide a uniform lumen-rich stream of eye-pleasing, glare-free illumination — on both sides of the driving lane. This adds unique aesthetic appeal to a garage, while creating a modern and inviting feel throughout for parkers and pedestrians.

Providing the framework to maximize performance.

The continuous lightpipe also serves as the mounting channel for the L4 lightpipe-sensors. Using the same advanced technology as our original sensor-with-a-brain — the camera based M4 smart-sensor — each autonomous L4 has the ability to stream images, video and rich data to the cloud-based INX™ data-driven platform. This valuable information includes real-time occupancy monitoring, integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR), and detailed tracking of customer behaviors, preferences and usage patterns. This actionable business intelligence can be further expanded and mined through specialized API packages and add-on software modules, available through Premium Subscriptions.

Putting a new light on Surveillance.

In a Park Assist L4 lightpipe-sensor system, the dual cameras in each smart-sensor are installed above the driving lane with an unobstructed view of the parked vehicles and the spaces around them. This is a key element in the success of the surveillance add-on software module: which augments our M4 PGS with a level of expanded security/safety that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. 

With an L4 lightpipe-sensor installation, visibility is also heightened in an unprecedented way. This heightened illumination of the space results in maximized visibility and detection. As the L4s capture industry-standard H.264 video to minimize both bandwidth and disk storage requirements.

Built with future advances in mind.

Since intelligent processing power is spread throughout, our smart-sensing parking guidance systems have scalable capacity for multifunctionality, future expansion and the headroom to take on new functionalities down the line. The result is a best-of-breed system with assurances for the long term. Offering maximum investment value with no risk of technology obsolescence.