Park Assist’s Parking Guidance System Patent Information

In 2011 Park Assist filed a patent for a parking guidance system. The system uses smart imaging to help customers find an open spot to park their car and to help them find their car after they already parked. This system is able to manage multiple parking spots, improve security and make parking more efficient. The system utilizes a variety of algorithms such as:

  • Topology Discovery Algorithm
  • License Plate Detection Algorithm
  • Vehicle & Event Detection Algorithm
  • Sorting Algorithm

Parking Assist allows customers to use their smart device instead of a kiosk when they are using the “Find Your Car” feature. The Parking Assist System has other features including Permit Parking Control, Enforcement Alerts, Customer Profiling, and Object Type Detection. Parking Assist works in Valet situations, parking space rentals, and in any parking lot.

Here is the patent: