About Us

Our Focus

Park Assist is focused on increasing the value that our clients extract from their parking assets by providing a range of smart solutions. These solutions address three key areas: customer experience, operational efficiency and revenue enhancement.

Our History

Wwe have deployed our patented technology at over 40 sites and now monitor over 100,000 spaces. Our clients include large multinational companies such as IKEAWestfield, Tesco, Lend Lease and Macerich.

Our market products are resold by leading integrators around the world, enabling them to deliver unmatched end-to-end parking management solutions to their clients.

Our Company

Park Assist has experienced strong growth since its inception, reflecting the market demand for more powerful and effective parking technology. Our seasoned software team has solved complex digital imaging problems for leading camera companies and other industries.

Park Assist is a TKH Group company.